Extreme Tattoos: My OCD Drove Me To Tattoo Addiction

Extreme Tattoos

Extreme Tattoos

Extreme Tattoo KEITH: I love scrutiny, I like being different and I want to show that being different is okay. COMM: Keith Gordon appeared to be your median family man. But in the last five years, the 58 -year-old has undergone a progressive translation. Crossing his part leader and most of his form in tattoos. KEITH: I'm highly obsessional, formerly I get started on something I get carried away and get obsessed with it. COMM: But not everyone is happy with his endless search. LISA: When I am going out with him like that I detect chagrined. COMM: The father-god of four suffers from the obsessive, uncontrollable ailment, a condition that Keith speculates led him to change his appearance radically throughout his life. KEITH: OCD has ruled "people's lives" for many, many years, I'm afraid that's the capability of it. I did have tattoos initially when I was 17, but I had then taken off, and I changed my idol all the way through the years and now really later on in life, I realize that I should have put to my creeds and been true-blue to myself. COMM: At the age of 45 Keith decided to settle down, getting married to his wife Lisa, and having three children together.

But it wasn't long before the office worker returned to his first love. Extreme Tattoos. KEITH: And since starting with this current activity of getting tattoos five and a half years ago, I've been croaking just about every month or so, I'd do hours and hours I couldn't give a figure on it. It was very, highly, very painful. Certain parts of my leader and look were like Extreme Tattoos aching. Y'know the corner of the eyes, anywhere around the eyes. The lip and to some areas of the hearing, the especially inner ear was an absolute executioner. COMM: Keith who works as an office head, has expanded almost fifteen thousand pounds on his form skill, and it's causing pressure on the family.

LISA: I detect chagrined, I know he's my husband. I persevere, but, inside me, I detect chagrined going out with him like that. RICKY: Everyone else likes it, but I don't, and he gapes a little bit evil. RICKY: Some parties think he's a bit frightening, but he's just a natural father. COMM: But Keith says he's never felt or ogled better. Despite what others might do. KEITH: telling, younger people of a certain type tend to like the channel I appear, and I get a lot of actually positive reactions from it "Hey man, that's sick, that's cool." But certainly, with the other expiration of the range, older ones are not so favorable. Peter: Why would you want to fix yourself appear like a tortoise is what I imagine. It reminds me of a turtle coming out like that. COMM: Thanks to his new look, Keith is now would be interested in audition for Tv roles where his hard worker image may be in demand. COMM: And despite his pedigrees dissents, he's propagandizing onward with his has the intention to tattoo even more of his body.

KEITH: I've just gone back full circle and fought my villains, and now I am what I detect like I ever should have been. Me, like these Extreme Tattoos .

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