tattoo parlor

Tattoo Parlor Taking it to Church

Tattoo Parlor Tattoo Parlor “Take out your technological devices, post a tweet, snap a picture.” It is immediately obvious that Michael Beck isn’t the conventional image of a minister. There are his tattoos, including the […]

Kool-aid Henna

Kool-aid Henna DIY

Kool-aid Henna Kool-aid Henna What up, Internet, Corinne here, and you’re watching Corinne vs. Pin. A couple weeks ago, Jessica commented asking if we could try this Kool-aid Henna Pin that enunciates one box of […]

Forbidden Tattoo

Forbidden Tattoo in Japan

Forbidden Tattoo Forbidden Tattoo Does this counting for girls and boys? I think so. Some people wear them without knowing the mean. That’s funny. I think it will change little by little. Hey, guys, the […]

Dumbest Tattoos

Dumbest Tattoos Of All Time

Dumbest Tattoos Dumbest Tattoos From Justin Bieber tramp stamps to moms who get their cervixes tattooed on the radio, we count 13 of the dumbest tattoos people ever got. 13- UFC Fan* Everybody stands aside, […]