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Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are one of the most sought-after tattoos. You can choose a unique one for yourself. This hand tattoo art trick is probably one of my most favorite designs.

It is a simple hand tattoo to create and will freak out anyone who sees it. It is a 3D drawing which makes the hand appear to disappear in certain places. T these elegant and sometimes flashy hand tattoo designs are made to fit the size of the hand. You can decide if you want a pattern of something more realistic. Some people choose designs of the zodiac while others are content with a cartoon character. I once knew someone who had a huge Woody Woodpecker on his hand. It was amazing. It had color and I could not take my eyes off of it.

You can find tattoo design book all over with different patterns and pictures, especially for Hand tattoos. They are usually available online on sites like Amazon or eBay. Before deciding your design you will want to be sure to find an experienced tattoo artist who can copy the design exactly the way you want it. Have it customized and make it your own. I like to make copies on a copy machine and try it out by taping it in place for a day or so to see if I really like it.

I like it because you can have it done a hand tattoo one or both hands. Women usually prefer designs such and mandellas or Celtic designs. Men are more apt to choose a design of their favorite animal or the name of a loved one. It is the perfect tattoos site for both women and men. Check out this video and you will just have to have one after you see how it is created.

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