Tattoo Addiction Psychology-Love For Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Addiction Psychology

Tattoo Addiction Psychology-Love For Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Addiction Psychology, As a universal rule, human beings tend to withdraw from pain and seek comfort. Tattooing is thought of as being a little painful. Overcoming this anxiety can be invigorating and can immediately result in one requiring more and more tattoos once they realize that they can manage the discomfort. Tattooing can, however, get a bit out of hand. Symbols are a form of art and, like any form of art, too much of a good thing can ruin the effect. One should always be sensible and thoughtful about their decisions regarding body modification.

Tattoo Addiction Psychology Love Tattoo Designs

Tattoos say something about the person. Too many severe symbols tend to tell the holder either has some particular issues or that they don't put enough thought into their choices, which displays an unusually unpopular relationship with ink. Those people who are heavily-tattooed but who have outstanding work didn't achieve their look by hasty decisions or as a consequence of being addicted to getting considerably more ink: They weighed every tattoo and got the job done after deciding that the figure was what they wanted. Make sure that your intelligence is always in the operator seat where choosing a tattoo is involved.

Tattoo Addiction Psychology

There is an endorphin rush connected with tattooing. Inking in and of itself can be very addictive and is comparable to "runner's high." Make certain that any tattoo symbolizes something and that it is an accurate representation of yourself. Receiving a tattoo just to get a tattoo destroys the entire point. For thousands of ages, human beings have transformed their bodies for several reasons. Shallow reasons which stem from an obsession with the process do zip to further the art and will not work one well in the long-term future. One should never have to regret the legend of tattoo "addiction," indeed, the very use of that word itself is a reason for a very complicated discussion. What is an addiction and is the desire for more tattoos or tattooing something that would fit into that mold? Well, there are two circumstances we might consider: the knowledge of being tattooed which is a controllable pain, and the feeling of having them which would feed more to self-adornment, although of a more lasting nature than most other forms.

Tattoo Addiction Psychology Arguments

The argument for addiction to the process of being tattooed is that the recipient learns to get an endorphin high, a rush, while under the needle (sound familiar?) and that that feeling is what is desired. I don't comprehend. I haven't conversed with anyone who has said they actually "covet" the process, but of course, that doesn't mean that such characters don't live. But from my background, I would favor saying that this belief is untrue and is apparently put forth by personalities who may have problems with tattoos or people who have them. I recollect the big debate for "addiction" is that the people who have them tend to want more after their first. Well, this much is true.

Tattoo Addiction Psychology People with Tattoos

Again, from my knowledge, it would appear that people who get tattoos like tattoos, and hence are more likely to be tattooed more than one time. Do I see a smile there? I hope so because common sense will tell you that enjoying something does not, in and of itself, make it an addiction. Have you gone to more than one performance?  You must be a concert addict. Do you have more than one car, one motorcycle? More addictions. You see what I'm saying.

Tattoo Addiction Psychology Summary

Although it is reasonably likely that for some people, the idea of being tattooed is an addiction, and for others, the idea of more and more body art is also an addiction, Simple numbers will undoubtedly confirm that this is true although I have no studies to back it up. It would not be tough to accept for most of us; I would say that we are doing what we love because that is what gives us pleasure and enjoyment. It does not cause any injury to others in any way, nor to us ourselves if we are careful and do something we do responsibly and with care. Tattoo addiction, in the real sense then, I see as a legend. But tattoo love is something we need to look at later.