Tattoo Scared-People Who Hate Needles Get Tattoos

Tattoo Scared

Tattoo Scared

Tattoo Scared, and I'm getting my very first tattoo. - I'm afraid of needles because last year I got a thrusting, and that thrusting is stuck under my surface. - I know nothing about getting tattoos. - I'm so Tattoo Scared the blood is going to travel everywhere, and it's going to be like Sweeney Todd. This is like a Sweeney Todd chair. Do you notice that? - Today, I'm getting the pyramids. Since I'm Egyptian, I feel I need to connect to that part of me. And I'm getting "You are full of wonder" right under it. - My writing and film-making are a lot to me. And so I have "When "the worlds" is listening, "what will you say? " - I wanna get a simple guitar tattoo right over here. Throughout my life, and especially through my childhood, it truly helped me deal with a lot of things in my life. - I hope I don't repent it. I hope this is a magnificent idea. - I precisely don't want the blood to return everywhere.

Is that what's going to happen? ( rock music) - I don't know what's right going on now. Whoa. ( plastic crackling) Yeah, I have no idea what's going on. - So you're not just drilling into my surface? - Well, I am precisely digging into your surface. - It's working. Oh. - I'm just going to lie to my momma as long as I can. - Oh, oh. ( mechanical buzzing)( evoking music) - I feel like the little bit closer to the boob it gets, it hurts. - I was sitting there, and I was just meditating on life.

- You know when you have a sharp-witted pencil and just someone who's just attacking you? Tattoo Scared - It kind of feels like someone's cutting into my surface. - Oh, that hurts. - Are we done? - I propped my sigh for 40 minutes. -[ Cameraman] No, you didn't. - I detect alleviated that it's done and there weren't any earthquakes. -. I feel like a new person. I can't believe I precisely did this( laughs ). - They seem breathtaking. I adore it. Look. I adore this. ( rock music) - I'm glad I did it because the outcome is so beautiful. - It feels like someone's rending off your surface, but in the end, I'm proud that I had its experience. - I don't think the panic of needles will go away. I feel precisely the style you think of needles. - A week or so from now, I'll perhaps forget that it hurt, and I'll be like, yeah! Tattoos, needles, enormous! Let me travel get a flu shot! - I feel I would get another tattoo.

- Honestly, I feel much stronger. Attending it happening attained me feel like, oh, I can do anything. Beings respond to them, yeah, once you get one, you'll get addicted to it. Nah. - I hope my momma doesn't kill me. Not Tattoo Scared but Momma Scared.

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