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Healed Tattoos

If this is your first time healed tattoos are sometimes hard to achieve. Tattoo Talk Tuesday is my weekly interactive tattoo talk display, Where I take user made questions and lend my experience as a tattoo collector to you guys. So this week, I want to talk here something that I get a lot of issues about that I would love to help you guys out with, and that is tattoo aftercare after the tattoo is healed. And, I don't mean like two weeks improved, or like two months healed, I signify tattoos that are on you, and they've been on you for maybe times I get questions like' Hey, my tattoos are still itching me and it's been over a year' or' My tattoos seem dull' And I would love to share with you some things I do to keep the health of my tattoos alive and well.

um And I do have a video all about deterring your tattoos bright But I would love to go a little further in there merely and share some stuff I do with my torso and my scalp, in order to keep my tattoos at best available health they can be. So definitely stand tuned in this video for some tips-off that I can lend you guys And definitely let me know what you do in specific comments down below to keep your tattoos health as well. So I got this question off Tumblr and it tells, "Is it common for tattoos to be itchy even after it has been a year or more since you got them? " And I answered, "It may merely be an alternative that you have dry scalp. For times I used peppermint soap until someone told me it was actually indeed drying for my scalp and I noticed my tattoos seemed brighter when I switched to an extremely moisture rich torso wash.

Even if you're not utilizing peppermint soap, maybe try changing your daily routine Perhaps it's just something you're doing that doesn't mesh well with your body." So I'm going to display you guys what I like to do in the shower when I am cleansing my tattoos And merely stimulating sure they are brilliant and exfoliated. So you guys right now might remember this video where I used a tattoo brightening machine that is sold to be a tattoo brightener. And a lot of specific comments on this video said' why don't you try exfoliating with a brushing ?' So today, I'm going to be showing you the Vanity Planet Body Brush: Rotate For Perfect Skin Which is ideal for full torso exfoliation, and right now it is on sale for $30 so you guys right now can check that out with the link in the description.

So, exfoliating you scalp is ideal for brightening your tattoos. You can see here that I'm going to exfoliate before I start with the rest of my routine. This brush chief rotates to help with any clogged pores, I like it, especially because I get a lot of ingrown whiskers from shaving, and they cause a lot of lumps, so this is really perfect for reform and opening up the pores, and stimulating everything actually smooth and fresh. Exfoliated skin= bright tattoos. This is a really great way to start off your procedure. So I use a really moisture torso rinse, And that is' Olive Branch' by Lush It has a lot of petroleum in it, which is perfect for my scalp. I notice a lot of improvement when I'm utilizing this, as to report to a peppermint soap that I used to use. So, I'll take that and scratch it right over all my tattoos[ music] So the spinning brushing also has a pumice stone chief which is perfect for the tattoo I have on my foot.

I am having a difficult time with healed tattoos. It gets calloused because of the rubbing of my shoe, And I feel like you can even see it on camera, how much brighter it gets after I can spin it like that with the pumice stone. After that I like to shave, this piece it isn't optional.  I signify this pace IS optional, you do not "re going to have to" shave if you don't want to, But I feel like when I shave my tattooed regions they always end up gazing a little more bright anyway, My skin is various kinds of pitch-dark, the HAIR on my scalp is different types of pitch-dark, So, it blurred up that area.

Then I exfoliate one more time with this brushing, This is not a daily procedure, this is just tattoo maintenance. From here, I feel like you can already see how much brighter and how much more healthy my skin looks, from exfoliating with the brushing and using the moisturizer for healed tattoos. From here, I'll put one over some moisture-rich lotion, this is "Sympathy for the Skin' by Lush. All of the tattoos on my legs are at least over a year old-fashioned, Some of them are up to 6 years old, And "you're seeing", merely from this small routine, everything looks so much brighter and healthier, My skin is so much softer to the touch after exfoliating that dry scalped off of the top layer And even with merely a bit of moisturizer, everything looks so much brighter. For my arm, I'm showing you a different option, and this is "Argan Oil" I feel like oil can be a great way to likewise brighten your tattoos. I swear if I set the oil on my tattoos, they look brand new.[ music] The snake tattoo is near 5 years old, the rose tattoo is 2 years old, the fowl tattoo is nearly 5 years old, And I feel like after a good exfoliating, a good shave, they look brand new every single time.

[ music] Here are all the products I used, I will have links in the description for every single thing I use, I swear by this stuff So I got this question on Tumblr, and this says,' Hey QCKND, I watch all your videos and I love you so much, I have a question about healed tattoos though, my first was a huge thigh piece( travel big or go home) it healed kind of uneven, there's a lot of paths that are raised, will that go away with occasion or is it that way forever ?' So I answered, When I had my tattoo removal, I was told that tattoos mend beyond the first' two or three weeks' span where most of the apparent healing occurs.

A plenty of healing happens in the following 12 weeks I would say, if you still fall under that umbrella, drink a lot of liquid and try to eat a little more consciously for healed tattoos. Our figures mend best when they are running well, so any lag in that process can usually be antidote with health maintenance." So I imagine one of best available tips-off I could tell anyone is our figures mend from the inside out. If you are like me, and you like to snack, and you feed a lot of junk food, and you drink a lot of coffee, like I do, sometimes that is demonstrated by in our scalp. So my best admonition to you is to figure may be out what your evils are, mine is emphatically snacking, And find some ways to help with that.

I think healthy devouring can change so much; I feel like if I'm eating better, I'm sleeping better And if I am drinking a lot of liquid, I feel like my scalp is brighter. And the elasticity of my scalp is better. And with all of that, I feel like my tattoos reflect that as well. I'm not saying' Change your entire diet,' I'm not saying' Change your whole life .' But if there are little things that you can do, Like, if you drink soda every day, if you feed candy every day, if you're like me and you feel like, a vegan cheesesteak every day. I feel like all of those things show up in our scalp And if your tattoos are still healing, there's much improvement if I merely drink more liquid. I also feel like my tattoos are really created if I have dry scalp, or if it is cold outside.

So I imagine, heavy blankets, sweatshirts, everything like that. Stop your scalp moisturized, and protect your scalp from these components. I hope some of these tricks and little things that I do were helpful to you. Umm I know not everything can be helped with some of these things and sometimes a touch up is liable to be, are liable to be your best solution, for ink fallout, or just some difficulty that has happened during healing. And I definitely assure you that all of that is normal, I have received touch-ups on tattoos, Emphatically on the inside of my elbow, places where it's difficult to get Healed Tattoos. But if you have a tattoo, or Healed Tattoos to the best of your ability, deterring these things in mind will definitely be helpful to you.

So give this video a thumbs up if you care about the health of your tattoos, and if you are here for Tattoo Talk Tuesday. And, if it's your first time joining us, for Healed Tattoos. I love you guys so much and until next Tuesday, leave your submissions in specific comments down below I would love to do most directly user submitted stuff. Stop those discussions alive, and I love you guys. Bye ..

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