Impulsive Tattoo I Got One

Impulsive Tattoo

Impulsive Tattoo

Impulsive Tattoo I look over and my roommate is on the phone with a tattoo store he is going to get an impulsive tattoo. Am I really going to do this right now? Let's go! We're Super Bowl champions babe! When I was a kid I never actually thought I'd get a tattoo or especially an impulsive tattoo. My friends called me Caution Freak when I was growing up make I wouldn't like a skateboard or do anything. I was the kid with the camera filming them doing everything. - The craziest thing I've ever seen Brian do is he bought a car after thinking about it for eight months. - He's very responsible. He's the one that takes the check to our landowner. You know, texting me at ten o'clock at night like, "Hey are you gonna be home tonight? " - Being from Colorado.

I'm a big Denver Broncos fan, and this year they stimulated it to the Super Bowl. - Brian was super pumped. - Oh, I'm sorry, the Broncos are winning ten to zero? Cam's got nothing right now.

I'm starting to get just really amped up about the game.( clapping) Let's go! Everyday Denver does something great I'm like cheering, getting into people's faces, being various kinds of annoying.( Brian screaming) So I kind of started shaping these bets telling like, - If Peyton Manning throws a pick you've got to take your shirt off. Yeah, there he is. Then I screamed, "Do the worm! " right after the Broncos scored a touchdown.( people applauding) - I actually didn't even know that I could do the worm. - We were like, "Buy us pizza! " and he was like, - "I'll buy three big pizzas for everyone to have." - Let's go Broncos!( rhythmic applaud) - We were like, "Jump in a pond! " and he was like, - Broncos! Broncos!( people applauding) - And then we were just like, "You know if the Broncos win, are you going to go about getting a Super Bowl tattoo? You gotta get a Super Bowl tattoo." - And I was like, "Yeah sure." And then I look over and my roommate is on the phone with a tattoo shop and I'm like, "Hm, am I really going to do this right now? " Let's go! We're Super Bowl champs newborn!( people cheering)( inaudible dialogue)( techno music) -[ Man] Let's go, Brian.

- I didn't get the tattoo for my friends, to conciliate them, and for everyone to hearten me on. It was really fun to just go for something and do it, and in the moment merely be like, "This is gonna happen no matter what." - In all honesty, it kind of started making me believe like, "Brian just got an impulsive tattoo, and he simply traveled for it." And as cliche, as it might voice, it started attaining my belief, "What are things that I should be going for and starting to merely do with "people's lives"? " - Sometimes people are too afraid to take a risk, whether it be a really big thing or a small thing like get a Super Bowl tattoo, I think it's important. - I suppose the most part about getting an impulsive tattoo is it's an exchange. People will ask questions about it, "What does it entail? " As simple as, "Oh, this is when the Broncos won the Super Bowl, Super Bowl 50. " Or it's something deeper, it has this mean. But it's an exchange, it's something that is linked to you, and it's like a remembrance. My identity is Brian, and I got a Super Bowl tattoo.

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