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Cancer Tattoos

Cancer Tattoos The Henna Heads project aims to empower women who have lost their fuzz through cancer treatment. COMM: And today one of the world's top henna artists converts a breast cancer patient's intelligence into a work of art. ASH: It is quite loosening right? COMM: Ash Kumar has been a henna craftsman for almost fifteen years. And he explains why he wanted to get involved with cancer tattoos.

ASH: Today I'm going to be working on a project with Henna Heals which is a wonderful shift I was moved myself watching a documentary earlier this year on how we are really are doing henna crowns for people who actually had hair loss from management, I'm extremely, very happy that I can actually lend my art and my sciences to becoming person detect beautifully and manufacturing them find wonderfully alive and I can add to their grace with cancer tattoos. COMM: Ash's subject for today is 43 -year-old Dipika who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year.

DIPIKA: the main cause I agreed to do this was to raise awareness for breast cancer in the Asian community including with regard to because it's something that's brushed under the carpet and isn't talked about a great deal. And to be honest "you've never" think it's actually gonna happen to you, I never in a million years thought it would happen to me because it's never ever "was talking about a". I perfectly happy with henna so for me, this is an amazing thing. I get to get my paid to put henna cancer tattoos and act fabulous to it for patients. I'm gonna be walking out of here without a hat on because I want everyone to see my new Henna cancer tattoo crown.

It's beautiful. DIPIKA: I can't take the smile off my aspect. Point.

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