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Best Friend Tattoo

Best Friend Tattoo

Best Friend Tattoo Hello, Bry and friends. Hello, Candice. It's a very special day on this canal today because we finally get to introduce "you've got to" a wonderful human being announced, Gary. My best friend. I know the word' best friend' is quite infantile and a bit silly but sometimes you only necessitate a special term to describe the person that you have that bail with. Someone that you know to be your greatest ally, and someone that's gonna is around their own lives for the long haul. You're my best friend. Thank you, Candice. I already have a best friend, that's why we're making this video you see.

Oh! But I appreciate it all the same. Gary and I have been excellent friends for nine years, we used to be in a few straps together. They were all rubbish. We've been inseparable because we became sidekicks, he was the best man at our wedding, he's going to be the Godfather of our future offspring. Most of my psalms are about him, actually. Plenty of beings don't know that. When I ran solo and started getting good demos, I didn't like the notion of not having Gary beside me, so now he's actually my full hour bass musician, signifying we are continuing going to be side by side and take on some of the smallest, and biggest theaters around the world. And nothing's better than when you're having an' Oh Jesus this is actually happening' minute and your best friend is right beside you, knowing the exact same thing. I love Gary.* music* So Gary has decided for his 26th birthday he's got a tattoo.

In an incredible reveal of relationships, the tattoo is going to be a lyric from Brian's song Astronauts. He's got it on his arm. This is Jen, this is our friend and Gary's better half, and there's "the man" himself. There he is. That's him. That's Gary. Are you anxious? Well ... yeah. Yeah and no. So you're getting it I'm getting in on my forearm. On my arm! Right here. This is the first one, yeah. Brian and Gary have always been very close, so entering into connections with someone who's essentially already in a union with someone else has been quite strange. There are lots of amusing times, they go shopping together.* Applause* Very nice! It's beautiful. Utterly beautiful Best Friend Tattoo. Now Gary will be doing the large-hearted expose, and applying some nappy rash ointment as is normal for tattoos. The big-hearted reveal satisfies, Gary. I feel like a sandwich. Oh, it's sweaty. You are sweaty! Why are you sweaty? Fucking - god. Sweaty. So what do you think, Gary? I can't see it.* laughter* Ah, yeah! How does it appear to have my ink, my words, my verse, on your limbs? I find lovely.

Wherever I start, you'll always be there.* laughter** music* That was Gary. That was Gary getting a permanent tattoo today. Beautiful weekend! Comment question for this week is - would you get a Best Friend Tattoo for someone? A pal, or a family member, a loved one? Like Gary did. It's a bit of a risk. It is. Definitely increased risk so let us know if you'd do that or if you have anything in thought! Yeah, we'll have a converse in the comments. Do give this video a thumbs up if you experience a Best Friend Tattoo, and thank you for agreeing to your channels. We prepare videos at 7 o clock Irish and UK time every Sunday. Irish day! You know the space our goal is to go to all countries in the world? That's why we have this channel. We simply set up a Patreon, the online tip-off happen. So you can get wages like free music and physical circumstances and special videos between merely us and you.

If you can support it with as little or as much as you crave, that's great, an effect that's gonna get us of all the countries. Next countries! This Thursday we're going to this area here. These residences, that's where we're headed. So yes, the Patreon link is below and here's our video from last week. We get super, super serious and we made a very problematic video in which he said sorry for a lot of things that we've done. It's really good. Yes, we'll see you next Sunday and em .. Bye! Bye now. Bye Gary !.

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