Soldiers Tattoo Documents the Trauma of leg loss

Soldiers Tattoo

Soldiers Tattoo

Soldiers Tattoo Hi, my name's Noah Bailey I was a specialist in the Army and I served in Afghanistan. I was with the Scout Sniper Platoon so we were proceeded for like a month, month and a half at a time. It was like the fifth day that we were on this mission. I was in the lead truck, I was the gunner on the. 50 -cal. I recollect the instant the IED went off on me and slammed against the side of the turret. I got shed out the top and property behind the truck. The truck is coming and rolled over the top of me so my leg's stuck in the wheel well. So I can feel the pressure in my helmet and my shoulder, only feel the breath and everything started to come out of me. I only had like this image of me like I was gonna die underneath the truck.

I grabbed onto the bumper and was merely freaking out and draw as hard as I could and twisting, and eventually, my legs fell or got untangled, and I crawled away to the back. Well, I woke up and my right leg was get-up-and-go. This Soldiers Tattoo after six surgeries where they are only kept out taking clots and clots and clots. From then until December 2011, "it's just" downhill, slowly descend to a rabbit loophole. I got to the point where I had a loaded grease-gun in my mouth too many times. One of the madams I talked to from the VA, she'd call me every once in a while and check on me.

The day that she called me it was just a really bad day and me kinda only dumped everything on her. Then she told me about that program. It was this brand new program. Martinez, the VA there, and I told my boss I was gonna got to go for two weeks and meet what it was about. I intention up being there for like seven months as an inpatient doing therapy and stuff. I had totally changed my life around. Ya gotta hit rock bottom the majority of members of the time before you get help' cause we're all so headstrong, you know, and been through so much better it's like I could handle being home. I could handle depression. But, you can't ... You can't-do it alone. I got this one when I was at Walter Reed. It's my Humvee exploding.

It was on fire and stuff, and I got the clouds with the angel rays comin' down, and that's my paws, and my Chuck Taylors with wings, so it's like my paws goin' to Heaven like they're gonna be there when I succumb. Like I'll have' em back. Every day's hard, but I kinda only accepted it and only try to make the best of what I got. I'm not dead, you know. I'm always a glass is half full kinda person.Soldiers Tattoo

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