Temporary Ink Tattoos That Last a Year

Temporary Ink Tattoos

Temporary Ink Tattoos

Temporary Ink Tattoos As a tattoo collector My hair is in rollers right now, I am working on a special secret , a not-so-secret project at this time If you know what I'm talking about And I need to have my mane genuinely curly for later, so My hair has to set in these curlers, don't mind me But if you do want a tutorial, let me know I asked you guys if you have any quick topics you wanted me to talk about this week on Tattoo Talk Tuesday One where I could kinda keep my heart a little bit out of it But honestly, watch this turn into a 20 minute video anyways.

So some of you guys have been asking me before, and currently and in the past how I've experienced these new temporary tattoos that are supposed to hit the market And these are not your standard temporary tattoos with the ocean and the paper towel and the Pokemon images These are temporary tattoos that are still given to you in the conventional feel with a needle and machine and a tattoo artist But these tattoos are only supposed to last up to a year and can be removed with a dissolving agent versus laser removal. In my study about this, because I candidly always thought it was an urban mythology, I have heard this for years and years about these tattoos that eventually fade or temporary longterm tattoos. In my study, I procured a website that has almost henna style tattoos, but they are you know, cool, trendy shapes and layouts that are really current right now.

And those tattoos last up to 2 weeks. At first, "Ah! Two weeks! Whatever, these are still temporary tattoos." I thought that it was pretty interesting because I think that really reaches the average consumer, who are willing to indulge in tattoo body modification culture And even, even more, light than that, a lot lighter- not even thinking about tattooed people but these are people who want to embellish themselves in a mode Or, um, guess tattoos are for manner And I think that those people can- deserve to be accommodated, go ahead, I know that these, like, silvery-golden tattoos have been really popular with, like, the summer and going out and going to clubs and going to the celebration And, um, I witnessed a tattoo kit where you could have all of Beyonce's tattoos but she doesn't have tattoos, they were just designed by hi- by HER! Oh my god.

Um, Selena Gomez has one where you can have her tattoos And I imagine these are great for, candidly, your "consumers " who are willing to dabble in the lifestyle but doesn't want to get anything to do with it. I don't think they're for people who can't have undertaken to tattoos, I think they are for people who don't want tattoos. At all. they don't want them. And I think that's great! Be a part of it! Wear- wear me! Go ahead, whatever. Ed Hardy shirts were cool ten years ago, now these silver tattoos are cool right now ... It's just the next happen. Nonetheless, this thing that I'm talking about- these temporary longterm tattoos- are something completely different.

So, right now, plainly, they're still being tested. But- but the idea of it is that these are smaller molecule tattoo- smaller molecules are in the tattoo ink. So when it is given to you, in the body, instead of the great molecules that the body cannot break down- and that's why our tattoos are permanent- our organization is forever trying to heal our tattoos but they cannot.

It's a really interesting hypothesis, definitely search it up one day. But our body is forever trying to heal our tattoos and it's just powerless. The ink is too large and our organization can't break it down. So the idea of this new ink is that it is a lot smaller and our organization can break it down, over the course of a year. Or, with the dissolving agent. I don't know much more about it, it doesn't exist promptly. But, spoiler alert, they are experimenting it on swine right now. So if you choose you're into it, they are experimenting it on swine who are alive and learning them to see how the tattoo does age over time, so I guess be mindful of that. I don't know, you know how I feel about that. But, ultimately, how I feel is when I was doing studies and research on this tattoo ink, the same expression was being used over and over and over again, that was just fostering this so stereotypical feeling.

And all the articles started off with: "Tattoo repent. It's so common. Misspellings, different tendencies, bad artistry." "No one "would've wanted" a permanent tattoo in this day and age! " And I think that- I think that people- I think that clickbait, all of these people out here, older people, the people who are so quick-witted to jump on you for has become a millennial! I think that these are the people who are creating this idea that we are so afraid of permanent and that we are afraid of getting a tattoo that we might regret.

And, candidly, I am a person who has bad tattoos, cheap tattoos, shitty tattoos, tattoos I've had removed. And I've never considered a tattoo that would disappearance over a year. And I'm a sensitive person, my skin is sensitive, if I sat through my back tattoo, simply to know that it would disappear after a year, I would feel, I-I-I I don't know, I would feel really unaccomplished. And I think this would create a culture where people don't wanna pay their tattoo artists as much because the ink is not forever. Because when I'm planning my tattoos, I'm thinking "Well, I'm investing in something that will literally last forever." I think this will create a consumer who is like, "Well, the tattoo only lasts for a year, I simply wanna pay $50. " But the application is still the same.

It is still applied through skill- like you still have to be a tattoo artist wholly, and follow through all of the open-ended working group of a normal tattoo. The only thing different is the ink. So, you will still be paying for artist's time, the artist's ability, the artist's expertise, so I think this will either create a brand-new type of tattoo artist who specializes in these Temporary Ink Tattoos, who maybe isn't as skilled and-and as experienced and bloodborne pathogen certified ?? or it's only going to devalue tattoo artists who already use tattooing to make a living and to express their spacecraft and I would dislike witnessing any of that to be devalued by my favorite tattoo artists who I love to give hard given money to because they are hard- deserving it as well. So ... I think that this could be a bad happen for the industry.

And, I mean, I was also the first person to be like, "Miami Ink is a bad happening for the industry! " And then, you know, I could snack that evidence right up. But I still do think that this could create a hiccup in something that I genuinely care about. And that it is something that is marketed towards people who aren't like me, and who are people who are the dabbler and the Temporary Ink Tattoos and "I worried about unhappiness! " But I think that all of that, that hyperbole comes from, just like, people generating fear for consumers and for people who are trying to create these articles where you're like, "Huh! I have suffered sadness! " and "Mm! That is just like me! " But I think if you are considering a tattoo, there should be no reliance given the fact that Temporary Ink Tattoos are temporary. But, then again, I-I-I don't know what that's like.

I don't know what it's like to wear a temporary tattoo for just like a festival for the nighttime. I necessitate, I think that they're pretty and they're cute and if anyone gave me one, I would be excited, but I would be excited in a different appreciation, almost like "Oh, I'm wearing makeup on my form! " and not like "This is a Temporary Ink Tattoos." But I don't think that temporary ink tattoos should be something that we tell reign the market and supersede the "norm." I reckon I'm someone who does consider how my figure will change with age, but I also don't know if that's my own true image. I don't know if that isn't someone whispering in my ear like, "Aren't you to be concerned about being old and tattooed? Aren't you WORRIED? " And I speculate those people whispering in my ear share the same people fostering others to worry about permanents and worry about what we can't change.

So, candidly, I'm not really sure, I don't know where my bias embarks and where my shopper-driven sort-of themes to embark. But I think that it's something people will want and I think that that's great but, I also don't think I would ever get one. If you're full price and it hurts merely the same, why not just get the tattoo? And it's like "Oh, well, I-I simply want like an experiment. I simply wanna try out a tattoo." Well, maybe they're not for you. And I'm not trying to protect them, I don't think I own tattoos at all. And I'm never gonna be the person that says you have to EARN your Temporary Ink Tattoos and says you have to get a full sleeve before you can get a hand tattoo.

I don't believe that at all. But I do think that temporary ink is sold towards people who aren't tattooed people. They're sold towards people who never wanted to get a Temporary Ink Tattoos in the first place. So those are my thinks on temporary ink tattoos! Let me know what you think! I'm really afraid I threw a lot of my bias in here and I don't mean any harm towards people are, like, on the fence about getting a tattoo, and think this could be a great happening. But, like I answered, I am obviously worried about the future of tattooing unless there are purchasers out there, who will start controlling the market, who aren't really inclined to being tattooed. Just my dreams, let me know what you think! Leave your statements down below! Present this video a thumbs up Temporary Ink Tattoos alive and well. Certainly, bide caroled for* mischievous laugh *.

I love you guys so much! Subscribe and check me out next week. Bye! Hey, everybody, it's QCKND, and welcome back to another escapade of Tattoo Talk Tuesday. Tattoo Talk Tuesday, if this is your first time watching, is our weekly tattoo-.

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