Tattoo Patterns on My Body

Tattoo Patterns

Tattoo Patterns

Tattoo Patterns Hi people I'm going to make all about my tattoos video this time so I'm going to talk about my tattoos and yeah demonstrate to you and I don't have that many so hopefully it will be a short video this time Yeah, so I guess I'm just going to start The easiest Tattoo Patterns would be to start with my hands, since it's the smaller

So my hand tattoos are the last tattoos that I had done and the tattoo master his epithet is Jakob Persson And he was an Apprentice back then This was in 2012 So it was quite a term since I had my last tattoo done yeah I'm going to show you it now so it's like that I don't know if I hold it correct Hopefully you could see that it's a bubble,* bumblebee But I think it glances more like a regular Tattoo Patterns bee Do you say it like that? I don't know, bee? Yeah, so that's my hand tattoo and that's the last tattoo that I attained or had done or whatever you say.

Okay, so the next tattoo is the one on my limb and I will show a close-up, of course, This tattoo is the first one in like 2006/ 2007, I'm not really sure but I think so The tattoo craftsman of this one is Jack Ankersen And he was also an apprentice back then not any more of course And what it is, is a human heart and I think you say, anatomical heart Tattoo Patterns, I don't know if I'm right about that but I'm pretty sure no So an anatomical mettle with headphones on and then there are rises underneath but I'm going to show you this one extremely so that was the first tattoo that I got and I was really happy about it Right now, I don't really like that it's the same shades all over the tattoo-like.

I wish the headphones was a different color so you can actually see that it's something else But yes, that was my first tattoo and yeah, on to the next one I guess The tattoo I did next after my first one was the tattoos I have on the back of my legs I did, in 2007/ 2008, I'm not sure about that either but yeah I'm just going to show you Tattoo Patterns so here they are so that was the second largest tattoos that I had done and as you hope, this time as well, it was ribbons on the back of my legs and the tattoo artist of the ribbons is Joel Madberg if I remember his reputation properly but I think I'm pretty sure about that

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