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Got Tattoos

Got Tattoos

Got Tattoos Sarah:[ singing] Together again- Siri: Transform right ... Sarah: Oh my divinity! Shut up! Both: Heeeey! S: We're together again! Paige:[ laughing] You say that every time. S: Yes, I do. It's just gonna be a thing now. P: Alright. S: What're we doing today Paige? P: We're going to get tattoos! S: Yeah! So we've been initiatives to get S: a tattoo together for over a year ... P: Probably. S: Yeah, we just hadn't really decided on something S: concrete until, perhaps, just a few months ago. S: I've been craving a tattoo for several years. P: I've been craving a tattoo since I was, like, 13. S: Yeah P: So, you know, 10 years. S: I kind of grown up with this idea of, like, S: Got Tattoos really not has become a thing that it is necessary to do. S: Uh, but then I went to like, this, other thing where I S: foresee that people that did not conform to the idea S: of, like, what I had in my brain of, like, S: the type of people who got tattoos like S:... had tattoos and I was like, S: "Oh, perhaps I've been wrong about this entire thing! " P: I liked Dark-green Day and Fall Out Boy, like, P: hardcore middle school and all the members P: of both stripes have tattoos, except for P: perhaps Patrick...Stump.

I don't think he has tattoos. S: We'll see if we can get a scene S: of Paige from that age of their own lives.[ Paige altogether forgot to add in the picture] P: Probably not middle school. S: She wore all those band shirts ... P:[ Maybe] early high school. S: She wore all the black. S: There's that one picture that your mom S: positioned on Facebook- P: Okay, but that[ was] a special occasion. P: That was - I was working at a P: haunted[ house] and I was dressed up as P: a witch that was gonna be burned! S: I adore how people know precisely which photo I was talking about. P:[ Stumbles, laughing] It is, like, likely the most "emo" picture there is of me. S: So, the reasons why we are going together, S: besides the fact that we are best friends and we just do everything together - S: everything that we can - is that we are getting S: paired tattoos, so like - P: I'm getting Mabel's shooting star[ Paige likewise forgot to insert image here] P: because that's her symbol.

P: It's featured in the opening credits, I believe.[ Questioning] Yeah? S: Yeah, it's the first sweater she ever wears. P: Yeah! P: And it's also in the clique that Bill has[ I am so sorry for the absence of portraits] P: with all the epitomizes from the differences among attributes. S: And I'm getting the blue pine tree, which is S: Dipper's symbol, and of course it's on his hat. S: It's also in that prophecy circle thing P: The hieroglyph prophecy ... S: The thing that is shown throughout the entire depict S: and then they[ the creators] get to the very last episode S: and they're like, "Oh forget about this thing! " S: And I was like, "Wow, I was led to believe that this was S: "gonna be really important.

Thanks a lot." S: The placement and the size are emphatically things that S: talking to the artist...I should be able to ascertain. P: Yeah, for sure. S: You wanna talk about the meaning of[ them ]? P: We already did two videos - two whole videos - P: about why we are these attributes and P: why they intend so much to us. S: Basically, if you didn't see those two videos that we did, S: during Hanuvvlog and Vlogmas, S: about how each other is like their respective S: attribute from Gravity Falls.

S: We really like the depict and we also feel that it is S: a really accurate representation - in the story - S: of our relations. And so that's S: why they're kind of, like, matching tattoos. S: It's that Dipper and Mabel go through, like, S: basically the apocalypse, and they are able S: to get through it because they have each other. S: And, like, they're able to rely on one another. S:[ get louder as she goes on] I don't know if you guys right now know this, but I'm really scared S: about the next four years. S: that's not why I'm doing[ this ], but it S: feels like a good a time as any. P: We didn't mention this, "but it's" both of our first tattoos. P: Hey, it's a Disney tattoo! P: Like, that occurred to me but never P: really occurred to me until right now P: where I'm like, "I'm Disney got tattoos today! " S: Yeah. Oh, yeah, you're right! P: There "there's going"! S: I'm agitated! P: Yeah! S: So we jump-start through a lot of steps.

S: It's been about...I don't know, two hours? P:[ off screen] It's been two hours? S: I have no idea, honestly. S: Okay, so it's been, like, an hour ... Since we were last here. S: And Paige gets her tattoo first S:[ joking] so that I can be psyched out. P: So I did it![ singing] I got a tattoo! P: It's down on my paw. I'm not gonna depict you that right now.

P: But, it's there. It's Sarah's turn! P: Are "you ready"? S:[ Reluctantly] Yeah ... P:[ laughing] You clang SO readily. S:[ Still reluctant] So ready. P:[ teasing] So ready! P: We have tattoos! S: We did it! S: And you can't see it right now because it's covered with a bandage. S: Yeah, it was painful but I'm allayed that it P: ... that it wasn't one various kind of suffering over another.

S: Yeah. I was really worried about the idea of being S: stabbed because that's how everybody had described it when they got tattoos. S: But it didn't really feel like that...necessarily. S: It was concerning! Our artist was really great. S: She got through it really quickly. P:[ concurs] S: And she was very patient in explaining S: everything to me before we got tattoos. And I say me because S: I asked SO MANY queries. P: You did. I was prepared to go in and merely be like, P: "Let's do it! Let's go![ fumbles] " P: "Tell me what I need to know and that's it! " S: I am really glad that you were there S: and that I got to hold your hand throughout the entire process.

P: Me too. S: And mash. When I needed to. S: I don't think this will be my last tattoo this year. P:[ astounded] This year ?! S: I don't know. Perhaps. It depends. P: Now we're very hungry. S: Oh, yeah. I'm SO hungry! Oh, my divinity! P: It's been a period. S: Yeah, this has been fun! S: It was nerve-wracking, but then I got tattoos S: it was fine once I got into it. S: We're like another level of refrigerating. P:[ unironicly] Yeah! S:[ chuckles] Which is really amusing to articulate because S: I swear, every single person in that shop S: had, like,[ tattoo] sleeves. S: So I was very conscious of that. S: I was like, "I cannot complain too loudly that I am nervous S: "because everybody else in this shop believing that I am a crybaby. P: Just a quick shout-out to the shop, P: in case any of you live in Florida, P: in South Florida especially.

P: We went to Superstars High in Lake Worth. P: Our artist was Pricilla[ Gomez ]. She was really great, P: really helpful, altogether understanding. P: And she worked with us, and I like that a lot. S: She made the experience a lot better. P: Yeah, precisely. S: She made us seem much more comfortable. P: Thanks for watching the video! S: Thanks! P: Thanks for fastening with us as we got these tattoos P: even though you weren't there for most of it P: because...there was just no way "were gonna" cinema. P: I thought we were gonna be able to get onto film ... P: but then I was in a lot of suffering and didn't really care to be on camera. P: So it was kind of like is available in the hospital.

S: Yeah, and it was a small space and there were S: lots of people. P: Yeah. S: Alright, well. We'll see you next week! Santo Rico by Twin Musicom.

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