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Designing Tattoos

Designing Tattoos

Designing Tattoos Today I decided to draw up an idea for a tattoo pattern. I wasn't really sure what I was going for at the beginning so I exactly started by sketching out some components that I was interested in practicing. I love the sound of peony tattoos so I had a look at hearing how to draw those. I watched a few videos on YouTube to get a little bit of additional info, it's good to draw from pictures but so much more useful to have something excused and broken down by someone that knows what they're talking about. I'm never that good at the explain slope of things cos I'm still bending myself but you can literally search for anything on youtube and find the answers you're looking for. I'm gonna do more buds in a later video, maybe cover them as well so in the meantime I'm gonna try and do a bit deeper research into like botany and all that.

So yeah, then I moved on to designing tattoos with some foliage and circumstances a bit of cherry bud, simply various kinds of warming up, depicting whatever came to my knowledge to evoke while I thought about what kind of tattoo I was going to design. And then I completely swopped subjects away from flowers and onto goldfish. My sister has been asking me for the longest time to blueprint her a tattoo committing goldfish and I've tried in the past but I was just never actually detecting the notion regardless so I've never committed her anything finished working in cooperation with. But I speculated while I was Designing Tattoos taking the time to practice tattoo design in my sketchbook I might as well kill two birds with one stone and see if I could come up with something I could give to her as well.

She wanted it to look like her old-time black Moore goldfish Doodah, so I did a couple of really quick subjects of that type of fish and then on the next sheet when it came to the actual blueprint, I just started doodling and let it take shape on its own. Kept lending different elements and hoping it is now working and in the end, I sent her a sketch and she really liked it so I'll likely tweak it a bit to make it neater and more tattooable but yeah, all in all, it was a successful sketchbook discussion. Hope you enjoyed this video and I'll see you in the next one.

Bye !.

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