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Tattoo Transfer

Tattoo Transfer is easy. Hi, my name is Shotsie Gorman, I'm here as a tattoo artist, a professional tattoo artist for Expert Village. Next, we're going to be using an ultrasonic gel, which is exactly the same product they use for doing ultrasounds and another medical cope. This is going to allow me to transfer the image that we designed. Luke and I had worked on a intend based on some Japanese traditional Sumi paints. A landscape with kind of a bonsai character model tree. The design itself you can talk to Luke about later. Luke is a physicist who is working on environmental issues. Take a deep breath, relax, just let your arms move various kinds of natural. I'm going to stand up for this. All right Luke. Jackie if you close that doorway right there, there's a reflection. And there's a hand mirror here. Luke, you've got to do the Annie Oakley style. Luke announces, "I like it, I think we'll do it today.".

For intricate tattoos, or for tattoo artists who are beginners, a tattoo transfer can be a great technique to use. How to transfer a tattoo is easy for the new tattoo artist. The chosen image of a tattoo is drawn or copied onto a piece of paper that is easy to sketch onto the skin. A tattoo transfer can then be traced with a tattoo gun onto the desired position on the skin. A piece of greaseproof cooking paper and a felt tip pen is all that is needed to use this method. A temporary image soon becomes a permanent tattoo.

It is lucky for you that a tattoo transfer can be so easily done. Professional tattoo artists use their artwork which has been drawn on a piece of transfer paper. This makes it possible for you to see exactly how your tattoo will look when it is completed. It is safe to use and is foolproof since it can be position precisely where it is desired.

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