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Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoo Design Ideas Hey people, welcome back to Thinktank. Hannah Cranston and Kenny Hamilton here back in the studio. You were like all over, you were in New York, you were in London. >> Yes. >> You opened a fraternity. Everywhere and then we get you here and I just feel so anointed. >> I know, earlier today in the morning and I enjoy going up in the morning. >> Sure, what time did you go to bed last-place darkness, Kenny? >> Four, 4:15.

>> So you got like a good 3 hours of sleep? >> Actually, no cuz I woke up at to try to like make sure my tone was okay and didn't cranny. And yeah, so it's fine now. >> You are killing it. >> I did an AM spin class yesterday, so. >> Who are you? >> I'm just a man on a duty. >> You are, you are a being on an assignment. You're also a boy with a lot of tattoos. >> Yes. >> Yeah, you got your arms embraced. >> Yes. >> You get here. You talking about doing your back.

>> Arms, chest, back. >> The whole enchilada. >> Everyone has an addiction and mine was always tattoos. Yeah, you are familiar, you do you. And you said one of them is a Tattoo Design Ideas? >> Yes actually it is. >> Tell me about it. >> So this one right here, there we go. This right here, actually I did apply it on this one extremely. So there's a story behind this. My brother AKA my best friend.

Through high school, we saved reading, we're gonna get a tattoo. It's almost like the old school blood brother, where brethren used to cut your hands and like- >> Yeah. >> Introduced it together and like[ INAUDIBLE] your limbs. So "we've decided to" get tattoos, when we were like 15, 16, but apparently, it took us till we were about 22, 23. To actually get it done. And so, we got a starring right here. There's no symbolizing behind it, it's just something that Byron is his name, he came up with. And this is why we both went to the same guy and got it. Times eventually, with me is just so OCD, and symmetrical and everything.

I had to get another star on his hand.[ LAUGH] Because it was. >> Your brothers like, who's your other best friend? Who are you cheatin' on me with? >> It was driving me crazy, but then it pissed me off because a different guy did it. And he didn't do it as well as the first one. >> It's a little different. >> So, it's slight. A category. A slight, a sort >> But it's good because then you know which is the best friend handwriting. >> Precisely. That's what I suggested. >> So. >> That's what I suggested. >> Okay. I'm gonna assistance you, in that. >> But I'm gonna tell you, one more funny thing. >> Yeah, please tell me.

>> These are also gang tattoo's, in certain places. >> Truly? >> So I didn't realize that until I went to certain metropolitans. >> What gang? Bloods. Five stellar types of blood. >> So, you know. Then I was in San Antonio and I got approached by a few Latin guys. >> Mm-hmm. >> Who was in a Latin gang. And they were like, they said. I'm not gonna repeat what they said. But they said some things, that I did understand.

>> Yeah. >> And I was like, no it's not that. It was like something completely different. And I just continued moving. I was like, Okay. So now I have to explain that. >> And they believed you? Yeah, I symbolize I exactly I didn't stand there and wait for them to be informed about. >> I know these are gang signs on my hand but it's like, it's not that. This is my best friend tattoo. >> Exactly, and I'm not a Dallas Cowboy fan either. >>[ LAUGH] So let's look at some other awesome best friend tattoos, I don't think any of these are mob accompanied but we'll examine. >> Why don't we get our best friend tattoos? >> We should perhaps get this fossil one.

Which, is super cute because it's all different kinds of fossils and their little and sweetened. I like those like little naive ones. I remember those are really cute. Okay. >> There's that one, there's these with the just some plumages. >> So, you just like the sketch for Tattoo Design Ideas. You don't really care for all the shade and everything. >> I don't think I'm, well I don't have any tattoos, but if I were to get a tattoo, it would be very small.

It is more likely to be one of those little finger ones. >> Like a mustache one? >> Not a mustache one[ LAUGH ]. I don't know, maybe somewhere where you couldn't see it, generate I don't know, I don't know. >> Just let's not made it back here, okay. >> No, the lower back tattoo I heard that's the new thing.t >> Yeah. For Duke daughters tattoo Design Ideas. >>[ LAUGH] >> Okay. >> Just right off the bat. All right. This one is super cute because they connect. I affection that one because you can set them together. Kind of such as those, recollect those centers. >> I do. >> You know the girls used to have. I had always challenged that I have the friend one, the one that articulated friends.

Because the other one only had best, like good what? >> Best Tattoo Design Ideas everything. >> Perhaps. Perhaps I should have required best available. Perhaps my life would have had a different trajectory. >> How about you get the faster, and I'll be the key? >> Yeah but there are some innuendos there. >> I mean you know only >>[ LAUGH] >> That's just what you may think. >> Okay, this one's cute with all the chicks which are really nice that they all connect. That's a lot of them have a lot of friends >> They all flock together >> I don't have that many friends.

They do flock together that's very true. And then peanut butter and jelly, which is adored. And then the spaceship one, and then the ardor on the bottom of the paws, which is. >> That throbs. >> That's gotta hurt. But I hear it chafe off, more. >> Yeah, I intend, every tattoo. Some of these are pretty age-old and I have to get them redone. Cuz after years, I'm not.[ LAUGH] Don't wanna do my age. But some of these are about 15 years old, so. >> What about riddle segments? What if we got mystify fragments? >> I could do that. I could get a mystify article somewhere.

>> Like a baffling bit somewhere? >> Well we're gonna debate what best friend tattoo we would get. I like that a lot, that's pretty good. Guys, make us know if you have a best friend tattoo or if you are able to get one, what would it be, in specific comments down below. Tattoo Design Ideas.

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