Polynesian Tattoo Design Best of Maori and Samoan styles

Polynesian Tattoo Design

Polynesian Tattoo Design

Polynesian Tattoo Design of my tattoo design of a Ying-Yang. So let's get into it! Thank you for watching, I think it turned out pretty well. I actually adore the type of artwork. It's very simple to make and looks very good too. I guess I'm going to continue constructing Polynesian Tattoo Design tribal artwork in the future. The Polynesian Tattoo Design differs a lot from my regular art which looks like this. If you are interested to see what this looks like up open, only click around here to see a video of that. It's a lot different from my usual mode which is this, but um I like it. It takes about the same sum of time to draw. The Polynesian Tattoo Design took about 8 hours to drives and this one took about 15. So it merely depends on which type of style you like but I remember I like the Polynesian Tattoo Design better because it takes less time to draw. This one was just annoying to draw.

These Polynesian designs were used traditionally to show personality and identity of a hierarchical society. They were a right of passage and show the community that a child had grown to an adult. In ancient culture of Polynesian society, most of the people had some sort of tattoo to distinguish their individuality.

In about the 1700's sailor first arrived at these remote islands and the tradition of sailors with tattoo came into being. Today there are a variety of tattoos which have been with assessed down to modern people. The Polynesian tattoo is a beautifully symmetrical symbol and is quite popular in today's young tattooed. You can see the high contrast of these designs and will enjoy some of the intricate details of these tattoos.

Thanks for watching and have a good one.
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