Brother Tattoos To Give Each Other

Brother Tattoos

Brother Tattoos

Brother Tattoos Oh no, it's on my lap! You ready? - Alright, let's go. - You can't continue yawning in my videos. - What is up, beings? How's it departing? - So today James and I proceeded shopping and we started across a toy browser. We vanished in, and we saw this. - It's a tattoo manufacturer. - It's a WWE powered airbrush tattoo paraphernalia. So we believed, you know what? Let's cause one another some tattoos. - Let's do this thing! -( titters)( chatter) Whooo! - It sounds like the real thing though. - Look.( Bustle) It sounds like I'm actually gonna give you a tattoo.

So now we have some-- James. So now we have--( sound) James.

- OK. - So now we have some--( buzz) James! So now we have some confines. We've got lots of different dyes that we can tattoo on ourselves. And also we have some stencils. You can't see them' cause it's just a plain fleck of gray, but they're stencils. I'm giving you a tattoo firstly. You're gonna look so cool. Are you gonna reveal the girl child your tattoo? - No' effect you're not allowed them in the institution. They're illegal. - Really? - Yeah. - What if you have a tattoo? - Yeah. - I know people who had tattoos in the institution. Do you demand "raw" going down there? What color? I'm thinking pink. - I'm thinking pitch-black. - Pink. - No, pitch-black. - Red, red, ruby-red is raw. Red is raw. It's air, ready?( sound) See, it's not even flip-flop acting!( chatter) Throwing easier. - I don't like that, I don't like that. - Why? - It obligates me to feel sick, the tones. - It's not working very well. Now it is.( buzz) - I don't like it, Oli! - Why? You said you crave a real tattoo. Right, I think we're ready to divulge your first tattoo.

Are "you ready"? - Yep. - OK.( James mumbles) And ... Look at that! That is sick! Oh yeah! Yes, I'm a tattoo master. - Time for retaliation. - What do you symbolize revenge? We're giving one another tattoos. Oh, look at this one, "danger". That is me. I am a danger. That fits me perfectly. Introduce it on my weapon, I'm gonna tense. Hold on, ready? Why'd you put it there? I can't see it. Alright, I remember I should have blue-blooded for this one. - No, no, no, you can have pink. - No, I don't want pink. - Pink. - Why don't you have pink? - Because I'm a man. - I am not doing pink! I can't believe I'm doing pink! You're doing rubbish.

Position: 61% James, the idea is to get it on my skin. You've just got it all on the white fragment. - Oh, I'll keep it on your back.( hum) - You were done? - Yep. - Right, we've done it. All privilege, ready? Draw it off. Three, two, one, disappear. Ow! - Oh, I ripped it. - That was not soft. Ow.( James roars) You just got newspaper stuck on me now. - Oh God,( chortling) it's stuck on you. - And you're making a mess. Just turning ... -[ James] Oh God. -[ Oli] Get it off.

-[ James] It searches rubbish as well. - What is the throwing blaze that? What does that read? - Danger. - I can't even speak that, that's so bad. You're never gonna be a tattoo creator. - I am. - OK, so which one is going for? - I don't mind. What's that add? - "Haters no brother tattoos." Definitely. - No, it's got a mettle on it. No, no, no, no-- - Haters adoration me 100%. - No, no, no, no, no. - Yes, yes, yes. - No, it's got hearts. -. Professional is in the building. Stop moving! You're gonna do a bad position.( Bustle)( James titters) Oh no, it's on my lap! - Horrible. - OK. - Don't rip it off tight. -[ Oli] For the glorious Brother Tattoos. -[ James] No! -[ Oli] I want, I want, I won't. -[ James] I know you're gonna to rip it off! - Aha, the haters love you! -( merriment) Oh. - That was my microphone. - Sorry. - Right, so it's my turn to have one now. Where should I have it? Should I have it on my entire forearm again? - No, forehead. - James, I'm not putting Brother Tattoos on my forehead. - OK, so this is far away from that. - Oh my God, I( sighs ), genuinely? - Yep.

- Oh, this feels funny. I feel like I'm having a spray tan! - It's coming off! All right, I'm done. -[ Oli] You're done? -[ James] Yeah. -[ Oli] You're done? - Wait, wait, wait. Yeah, I'm done. -[ Oli] You were done? -[ James] Yeah. - Oh, my God. - It's actually quite good. - What have you done to my forehead a <p? - Are you astonished? - No! Well, that is is for this week's video. Did you have fun? - Yeah, look at your psyche. - What do you symbolize look at my honcho? What's ahead? Thank you guys ever so much for watching brother tattoos

. If you enjoy then grant it a big fat-- - Thumbs up! - And we will see you guys next time. Goodbye! - Bye! - Right, where's your leg? - Nope, nope.( sound) - Come here let me finish your Brother Tattoos! -[ James] Oli!( bustle) Oli, Oli, O-Oli, Oli, O-Oli, Oli, Oli, O- Oli, Oli So his honour is Oli White And he's the best on the ground' Cause every single video he makes Is always is about to be stately Click on this page if you wanna visualize more He's got more subs than the JL audio accumulate U.K.

man, he's not from down under.

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