Surprise Tattoos Siblings Pick For Each Other

Surprise Tattoos

Surprise Tattoos

Surprise Tattoos Not a good time to be second-guessing myself. - Oh my God! - Shh, Shh. (rock music) - So the only reason that I've never gotten a tattoo is that I've never known what to call myself. - Problem solved. Just take that out of the equation. I pick something for you. Everyone wins. - Unless it's awful. - We're here at Surprise Tattoos. - We are siblings. - You have something on your teeth. You have lipstick on your teeth. - Fix it. - We have chosen Surprise Tattoos for each other. We have not told the other person what they are. - And we won't know until it is in our bodies. - Forever and ever. - We've worked very hard to have it be an excellent, supportive relationship, and it could all just go to hell after this.

- How could we lose? It's going to be great. - I think I trust you. We spent a lot of our childhood in Colorado, so there's like a range of mountains, the Twin Sister Peaks. I drew the hills. - Do you want me to redraw the trees, so they look a little more-- - You mean like make it better? (laughing) - Yeah yeah yeah. - Simple geometric design, and combine it with this flower that is a picture from the front of our old childhood home. - It can be done. - Oh, great! Because I don't have a backup.

- My sister, my brother, and I, all live in different parts of the world. She lives in London. We have this unique family connection we call, for whatever reason, a flavor wavelength. I know it sounds pretty ridiculous. It's like our own family's frequency that only we have. - Sure, right right. - [Mike] So the word and having it just subtly transitioning into like a heartbeat. Many people believe that the full moon has a real impact on the world around us. He's a pretty big believer in this, and whenever I see a big moon in the sky, I'll immediately text him, and he gets excited.

It's like he's sending me good vibes from wherever he is. You know, kind of like a misty, dark background, so you can see that it's a full moon, and then a little bit of like an abstract feel to it. I'm excited about it. I think it's going to look sweet. (rock music) - I am about to get my first Surprise Tattoos. - What am I doing? - All right, you ready to rock? - Okay, let's do it. - Let's do it. (buzzing of tattoo gear) - You know when you pick someone a gift, and you're worried if it's going to be what they want? - I can't return this. - It feels like a single cat nail digging into you. - This hurts a lot worse than I anticipated. - Ow, it hurts! - We all know who the tougher sister is. - Regardless of what it is, it'll always make me think of you. - That was quick. - [Adriana] It's a cartoon penis. I- So excited just that it's over. - I have no idea what was only permanently drawn onto my body.

- If I don't like it, can I have that scarf? I like yours? - I want to look at my arm. - Whenever you're ready, take a look at it. - Oh my God! It's so cool! - It's going to be there for a long time. - A long time. Thank you so much. - Okay, here we go. Oh, my God! No (bleep) way. This is so, Ben, this is so perfect. - Do you like it? - Yes. I know, it's fantastic. I'm glad. - Ooh. - It's a magnolia from our magnolia tree in front of the house. - That's beautiful. - I thought it was cool that we chose different places that have to do with our childhood.

- Three, two, one. - Oh! My God! Wow! - Yes? - Yes! The moon is my favorite thing in the world. She'll always text me when there's a full moon. It's just like another extension of the flavor wavelength. This is awesome. - Ben, it's perfect. Everything about this is fantastic. - This is my style. Look at this. It complements the Surprise Tattoos I already have. - [Melissa] So, a solid first piece of ink on your body? - Yeah, I'm ready to get a full sleeve now. - Oh, Jesus. I'm so happy that you love it. - When I'm furious at you, I'm just going to carve it out. - I know. - Now, when you're in London, you'll always be able to look down and remember your brother.

- When are we going to tell Mom? (laughing).

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