Kool-aid Henna DIY

Kool-aid Henna

Kool-aid Henna

Kool-aid Henna What up, Internet, Corinne here, and you're watching Corinne vs. Pin. A couple weeks ago, Jessica commented asking if we could try this Kool-aid Henna Pin that enunciates one box of orange Kool-Aid, a cup of liquid, an addition of green food coloring, and bammo, you have Kool-aid Henna ink capable of producing intricate designs such as these lasting you up to a week. Pin-O-Meter, what do you think? I don't know. Well, let's see, shall we? First off, I'm only going to use half a bowl of the ocean. The pin says to use a full goblet, but even half a bowl still feels like too much. I desegregate in the Kool-Aid and the light-green food coloring and then is seeking to cover it on my hand. There was a slight orange color but good-for-nothing that could even come close to producing these intends. And then for shits and chuckles, I used simply the green food color to cover a spider web on my hand. That seemed to work quite well. But after I gargled it, it was about a tint or two lighter.

And then the next day, the Kool-aid Henna had pretty much completely disappeared. This rod is bullshit. If you really want to do henna designs on your body, I taunt you go to the closest Indian market and select yourself up some cones of henna ink. There are obviously many techniques for applying the ink. You can pretty much do any pattern you miss. But I simply observed an image on Google and used it as a visual template lending front by direction until I was happy with the look. The key to this skill is perseverance. I hindered the ink on until it got all dry and crackly. Then I chipped it off and cleaned with the sea. Entirely awesome. Overnight, the color developed more and even after my daily obsession with showering my hands a thousand times, it was still going strong. Are there any bolts you want to see me try out? Leave a attach in a comment below. On my last video, Silver commented that they missed our old-school seminars, especially the costumes.

Well, next week, I'm releasing my first dress of the 2014 Halloween season. Here's a sneak peek.[ muttering] I'm so excited about it. But we still require more costume suggestions. I want to hear from the peoples of the territories that never statement. What kind of costumes do you want to see? Leave a comment below, and perhaps you'll see it in the demo. It's not the first time I've attained that rhyme. Til next time.

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