Getting Tattoos – What is Tattoo Flash?

Getting Tattoos

Getting Tattoos

Getting Tattoos Hi, my name is Shotsie Gorman. I am here as a tattoo artist, professionals tattoo artist, for Expert Village. In a tattoo studio, when one goes into a tattoo studio, generally communicating, "there's" presentations of images everywhere in the place. They're on the walls, in some regions the ceiling, they're in frames, they're in volumes.

These are called flashing. The burst is a kind of code of tattoo images that have been around for Getting Tattoos a long time ago. Some of them actually come out of very ancient ideas and ancient represents the majority of members of which the meaning has been lost in our culture. But flash actually comes from the degree in which tattoo artists were always itinerated. There are particularly no settled tattoo shops in the early part of the 20th century. Tattoo artists would move with groups, like carnivals and circuses. They would travel with the military forces, so if the military forces decided they were going to move a large base of naval recruits to a specific region, all the tattoo artists would go to that place to work. So getting tattoos was easy for these troops

Because military tattooing has always been a strong tradition getting tattoos was easy. So what you have to do is choose from this flash. I was mentioning its own history of burst comes from the Carnival, the girls who allow one to do the coochie dances, you know the kind of sexy dances to draw people into the carnival, would uncover specific areas of themselves. They would expose a little bit of their breast or a bit of thigh, things they weren't supposed to do.

That was called flashing. So it still has that same meaning. Flashing, taking one's clothes off and uncovering these votes in quickly. And the tattoo artists would sit there, and they would have their books of designing kind of folded up, and when the crowd came into the carnivals, they are able to draw a string and all these points would drop down. They were really brightly colored and many many ornate and extremely exotic gazing depicts, and it was called flashing the crowd. And that would bring people in to look at "what's going on". Usually, they would have a woman "who's" the carnival or the sideshow who was heavily tattooed and scantily clothed. So she would do a little dance, talking here how she was probably kidnapped by aborigines and forcibly tattooed and wedded the chief's son or something. You know, some crazy narrative that came out of really bad 19th-century archaeology or something.

And so flash is in the studio. One gets to choose. But if you have selected a design off the wall that course, you can be assured that 90 percent of the studios in the United States has exactly the same design, with the same place of colorings. So that intends if you choose this intent, chances are you are going to be sitting at the dinner on Sunday morning having breakfast, and the person next to you is going to have the same tattoo, tattooed the same way with the same color.

But I say that with some reservation because the second grade of this buyer info should be the high quality of its tattoo.