Temporary Tattoos Designs For All People of Ages

Temporary Tattoos Designs

Temporary Tattoos Designs

Temporary Tattoos Designs, Having a tattoo permanently imprinted on your skin has become a fashion statement. People do it for fun, to express their individuality, to be unique and to have an identifying mark in case of disaster.

But permanent tattoos are just that - permanent. They require needles and paint injected under the skin. They involve having a few appointments where the needle bores in and hurts a bit. It sometimes results in infections and weeks of tender skin. And once you have had them imprinted on your body, they are there forever. If your taste changes with the years your only recourse is to have them surgically removed - an expensive and lengthy process even with the help of laser technology.

Temporary Tattoos Designs Trial Images

The perfect solution, if you are contemplating a tattoo is to try it first in the form of a temporary tattoo. The images are easy to apply and easy to remove. You can put one on and "take it for a spin" to see if you like it after a period. You can replace your tattoos at will, without it causing you any pain and without it costing you a lot of money.

Temporary Tattoos Designs Styles

The temporary tattoos come in various application styles:
The decal temporary tattoos or stick-on tattoos. Those come on paper and are applied by placing them against the skin and moistening the back with a wet towel. The symbol is put on the surface. They are safe, fun and easy for kids of all ages.

Temporary Tattoos Designs Airbrush

The airbrush tattoo - Those are applied with a stenciled cutout which is placed against the skin, and special paint is airbrushed in. The advantage of this kind of symbol is that it stays longer on the surface; colors can be changed according to the tattoo artist's taste, or the wearers.

Temporary Tattoos Designs Henna

Henna tattoos - Those are called semi-permanent because they stay on the skin for up to a week even with repeated washing. Henna, as it is called in the Middle East or Mehendi in India, is a plant whose leaves are crushed and turned into a powder. When water is added the henna turns into an orange-brown paste known as henna ink.
Henna tattoos have been used for generations in India as a form of decoration for important celebrations. They are drawn by hand with a unique 'pen' and take a long time to apply. This allows for individuals to choose designs that are not presented in temporary decal form.

Temporary Tattoos Designs Promoting Brands

Temporary tattoos offer fun and an excellent way to help promote a brand. Customized designs are very popular as birthday party giveaways, for team spirit in sporting events or to commemorate an event. They are cheap - each tattoo can cost as low as 25 cents, and if you buy in bulk, they can even become less expensive than that. They are removable when the event is over and can be reapplied a few days later. With no pain involved, no permanent scarring or marking and no risk of infection they offer the best and quickest way to show your individuality and pride.