3D Hand Tattoos Illusion Tattoo Designs for Men on Hands

3D Hand Tattoos Illusion Tattoo Designs for Men on Hands

3D Hand Tattoos

3D Hand Tattoos are some of the most amazing tattoos ever. If you are thinking about getting a new tattoo you need to consider 3D Hand Tattoos. These tattoos create the illusion of making parts of the hand seem to disappear. Men are generally the ones who like this type of tattoo.

As you will see in this video 3D Hand Tattoos are very cool. It takes an imaginative tattoos artist to design a tattoo that is actually 3D on the body. Some of the 3D Hand Tattoos that I have seen are kind of creepy to see. There is one in particular that depicts the hand exposing all of the muscle and bone structures under the surface.

Skeleton tattoos are another popular kind of 3D Hand Tattoos. They appear as bones with the meat picked clean off. This is truly an amazing effect to see. Other types of 3D tattoo are often seen on the back and can range from designs appearing to be cut into the skin. While others are more simplistic and are things such as a butterfly appearing to launch off the skin. You will need to take a second look at these. They are so realistic.

I have also seen a man with a back tattoo who had a baby which appeared to be sleeping on his back. It must have been one of those new father tattoos. Getting back to hand most of the most intricate ones are in men. Women tend to choose more simplistic designs such as roses, heart, or mini tattoo design on hands.

If you think you want one of this 3D tattoo make sure you check the tattoo artists portfolio. You want to be sure he knows what he is doing before he does one for you. I really enjoy seeing these 3D tattoos.
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