Best Friends Tattoos Surprise Tattoos For Each Other

Best Friends Tattoos

Best Friends Tattoos

Best Friends Tattoos How's that seem, buddy? Amazing.  You're gonna remember me eternally. I'm Kris. I'm the chef and proprietor of Night Market Restaurants here in LA. >> And I'm Andy, I'm the chef and proprietor of Pock Pock Restaurants, here in LA, New York, and Portland. We've gotten n tattoos a duo ages together, right.  I think we've had, in the past time, we've had three tattoo parties.  Getting a  Best Friends Tattoos without any knowledge of what the image is gonna be, having never satisfied the tattoo artist before, those two things are typical, "would've been" kind of a nerve-wracking cope. I'm really like, so careful about what I put on my surface. It has to evoke some kind of impression in you. You don't wanna look at something a year later running why the did I do that? That was just so stupid. In order for me to feel good about carrying it around with me for the rest of "peoples lives", there needs to be some cartel. So I rely on Kris, first of all. I don't think he's gonna lead me astray.

>> My first tattoo was actually my grandfather's call in Thai, right across my chest. I precisely remember bickering. It's when you used to go into tattoos, really wanting to control everything and wasn't open to any sort of interpretation or feedback from the artist. And today is sorta the opposite of that. But this is my first full surprise riddle tattoo. >> Kris has got a lot of tattoos, really super traditional, old-time American tattoos and substance like that. And so it's kinda hard, I didn't wanna precisely placed something on him that was completely out of the situation. I'm very much about tattoos having some sort of meaning, some sort of communication. >> I feel like he knows my interests pretty well, and it's gonna be a pretty smudge on what he picks. Maybe it's like some room assistance type happen. >> Guy can eat anything at any season of the day or darkness, humankind. 7 AM, bone marrow mac, and cheese, not a problem, in the bunk. >> With a bathroom robe on.  Yep.  Yeah.  I think it looks great, humankind, an awesome chore.  That's super sick.

[ Give us the 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3, looking.  Get the out of here.  Dude, what the? That's amusing, humankind.  Is not what I expected.  That's really funny.  It's like blowing my judgment.  So what I've chosen for Kris's tattoo is, in Thai we call them which makes larb bayonet. There's this particular form of the bayonet, it's very heavy, kind of scimitar-shaped. The dish larb, in northern Thailand, or is a more iconic dish of northern Thailand. And I know that Kris loves lamb. He's from Chaing Rai where larb is extremely, quite popular. When I was trying to think about what would fit Chris's aesthetic, as well as being topical, I think a really crude examining bayonet will fit in. >> For Andy's tattoo I choice a kiwi knife.

So it's something that's like kind of insidery for Thai Chefs. They're really awesome because they're so dirt cheap. When he goes to episodes he'll create these bayonets to use and he'll just leave them there. It's not even worth the hassle of like bringing them back. So it's like a Best Friends Tattoos happens, but it's like, it's super, I think it's super iconic for Thai chefs.

And it's something that unless you work in a Thai kitchen, you're not really gonna know. >> That's perfect, I couldn't think of something better. >> And I actually have one so. >>[ BEEP ]. >> It's bad luck, so he's gonna "re going to have to" gives people like a one-quarter at some point. >> Yeah, I have to give him a one-quarter. That's rad humankind.[ MUSIC] >> It's so insane that we both get bayonets. >>[ LAUGH] >> It's like it's crazy. >> That was killer humankind. >> Rekindled, thanks to you bro. >> Thank you. That was awesome. Best Friends Tattoos

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