Heart Wrist Tattoo-Choosing Love Tattoo Designs

heart wrist tattoo

Heart Wrist Tattoo - Some Design Ideas To Choose From

Heart Wrist Tattoo, Many artwork designs have used the heart which is a universal symbol. For tattoos, heart designs have become a favorite particularly for women of all ages. Since this logo exudes positive vibes and emotions, the smaller versions of this symbol are also revered by many tattoo fanatics.

Heart Wrist Tattoo

It is recommendable to get a heart wrist tattoo especially if you are a newbie and cannot decide among the many designs available. It is ideal particularly for women who do not want to expose their tattoos or for those who only want small tattoos. The only problem now is what type of heart design you should choose to know that the wrist is a small portion of your body.

The following are some heart wrist tattoo designs that you can look into:

Heart Wrist Tattoo Bracelet Type

Bracelet-heart wrist tattoo - You can have your entire wrist area wrapped with a series of tiny hearts like a bracelet if this is the design that you want. You may find a model like this on the net or at a studio, or you can ask the artist to customize a unique design just for you.

Heart Wrist Tattoo Tribal

Tribal heart design - If you want a bit of complexity, you should choose tribal heart designs. They are very symbolic and intricately structured. Tribal heart wrist tattoos look best with colored ink so you can see even the smallest details.

Heart Wrist Tattoo Celtic Heart

Celtic heart design - If you are looking for a plan that symbolizes the bond of love, then this is the perfect option. Celtic heart designs use loops and knots, especially for women's tattoo. Love knot tattoos are typical Celtic heart designs.

Heart Wrist Tattoo Heart with Wings

Heart with wings - This tattoo design can be placed anywhere and in any size. It symbolizes freedoms and love at the same time. If you wish to have this tattooed on your wrist, might as well use colored ink to make the design pop out.

Heart Wrist Tattoo Broken Heart

Broken heart - Some girls and guys have broken heart tattoos on their wrists to signify heartache or loss of a loved one. You can always find meaning in so many ways even with a simple tattoo design as this.
Banner heart - You can have a name or a short phrase included on the banner of this heart tattoo design. The soldiers of WW II have been known to have this tattoo design, and they have them during their call of duty and while away from their families.

The versions of heart tattoo designs are typically known for heart wrist tattoos. The wrist is quite a small area for a heart tattoo, but it cannot hide the strong message that you would like to express.