Small Foot Wrist Tattoos-Best Locations For Small Tattoo Designs

Small Foot Wrist Tattoos

Small Foot Wrist Tattoos

Small Foot, Wrist Tattoos Petite tattoos are excellent for both men and women who want to show off their personality but still be ready to cover the tattoo on an impulse. Whether your position maintains a stringent dress code or you just don't possess the stomach to have a tattoo in a prominent part of your body, then this is the route for you. For people who are new to the environment of permanent ink beginning small on a particular section of the skin is a rational decision. But where exactly should your design go and why?

Small Foot Wrist Tattoos The Wrist

The wrist is a beautiful place for a small tattoo, especially among the ladies. For one, your boss will be looking at your face and not at your wrists during meetings. Second, you can quickly cover the tattoo with some bangles or a wristwatch. However, a wrist that can be very intriguing for a guy that you are flirting with a bar. Because you can do many things with your hand, you will never run out of ways to display the ink design you have on your wrist.

Small Foot Wrist Tattoos The Foot

The last place your associates at work would look at is your foot, therefore making it very simple to get away with a tattoo on that portion of your body. The best thing about foot tattoos is that it can accent any shoes that you have on when you decide to exhibit it. Your everyday flip flops will look very fashionable as you are stepping down the floor. Men can also wear foot tattoos. Complex, tribal designs work great for guys while the women can opt for roses, stars, and hearts.

Small Foot Wrist Tattoos The Ankle

Ankle tattoos, like foot tattoos, are suitable for students and professionals they are simple to hide. Tribal designs and bands are often preferred among men while anklet designs made with flowers and swirly vines are favorites among women. You can also have a somewhat more prominent tattoo that traverses up your foot toward your ankle.

Unlike placing tattoos on your chest or arms, having a tattoo on your wrist, foot or ankle may take a more considerable time to heal. Assume the procedure to sting twice as much as a regular tattoo since there are less muscle and fat to cushion the stylus in these sensitive body parts. Having an experienced tattoo artist do your tattoo will severely lessen your risks of infection and pain.