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Fatima Hand Tattoo

Fatima Hand Tattoo - History and Symbolism

Fatima Hand Tattoo,  The Hand of Fatima Tattoo is just another variation of the hamsa symbol and has always been believed to protect the wearer from danger and illness. Some of the popular and currently made tattoos around the world are spiritual symbols. Although, in addition to tattoos that are popular with specific groups, there are different blends of designs which tend to part of various societies and whose purposes are not about religion as they are about protection from evil. The Eye of Horus, part of ancient Egyptian culture, is one symbol and also is the Hamsa,  known as the Hand of Fatima. The word Hamsa is the number five in Arabic while Fatima is the Prophet Muhammad's favorite daughter.

Fatima Hand Tattoo Regions

The hand of Fatima is recognized all over the Mediterranean area and the Islamic realm as a sign of good fortune. It is solely used to avoid the evil eye. Its form is found in different adornments such as in charm, and with a jewel in the center of the palm. In modern times, the power of Judaism is in practice since the hamsa is also a figure that is used as an amulet by Sephardic Jews since the middle ages. The Sephardim society was persecuted and sent from Spain and Portugal in the late 15th century. These people left Spain to various parts of Europe and the Mediterranean taking the Hamsa and to protect them from peril, illness, and all types of bad luck.

A Fatima Hand Tattoo

Hamsa hand tattoos are not only beautiful and decorative in design and appearance but are also entirely influenced by culture and tradition. This hand comes from several religions including Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. The first use of the hamsa is found in Iraq (ancient Mesopotamia) where it is worn for security, refuge, and protection from the evil eye.

Fatima Hand Tattoo The Eye

The presence of an eye in the hamsa hand strengthens its meaning all the more as this element also symbolizes protection from evil. This image is known as the eye of Horus, the all watching eye.

Fatima Hand Tattoo Christianity

In Christianity, it is the belief the Hamsa is the hand of the Virgin Mary. It signifies energy, power, and kindness. Christian also get the hamsa tattoo, but it holds tend to be more meaningful when a Christian woman gets one. Often tattoos of the hamsa on a Christians have the Jesus fish symbol inside the eye.

Fatima Hand Tattoo Summary

The color can be whatever the desire of the wearer wants. The meaning will still be the same. If you are thinking of a Hamsa tattoo design for yourself, have it personalized to your tastes. A new tattoo should be one you can live with forever. So, have fun and add your twist to the design.