Word Tattoo-Italian, Sanskrit, Kanji, and Arabic Tattoo Designs

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Word Tattoo-Italian, Sanskrit, Kanji, Arabic Tattoo Designs

Word Tattoo, Name tattoos, One of the quickest and most popular trends brewing right now is a word or literary tattoo designs. Be it one word to a whole poem word tattoos are hot. For people to yet again differentiate themselves from others many people are choosing to have the tattooed word written in a foreign language. For a long time, Kanji tattoo was trendy. To get a saying writing in Japanese Kanji was super cool. This trend is dying out these days, and now people are getting designs in Italian, Sanskrit and even Arabic. One Has to admit there are an absolute beauty and mystery in a foreign script. Just think of the moment when Frodo holds up the One Ring in the movie "The Lord Of The Rings" after the ring has been in the fire. Frodo holds up the ring and looks at the beautiful glowing elvish script inscribed into the circle. One can not deny the mystery and beauty of the foreign elvish writing. This is the same beauty and mystery that leads people to get word tattoos in a different language.

Word Tattoo-What To Watch Out For

If you are thinking about getting a word tattoo and especially if you are considering getting one in a foreign language you should proceed carefully. If you have done any searching on Kanji Tattoos online, you have probably come across sites where people have posted pictures of their kanji tattoo design, and they are asking what it means. Often it does not mean anything like what they thought. The Kanji is sometimes backward, or missing strokes in the best cases and the worst it says something different then what the person though. Don't fall into this trap and go around sporting a tattoo that means something that you don't want it. Just proceed with caution and spend some time doing your research on the tattoo design carefully. Do not just trust that the tattoo artist tells you what it says. Remember tattoo artists are also business people and they make money by doing tattoo designs. If you are willing to pay they are eager to tattoo. It is not their concern so much about what the script says.

Word Tattoo-How To Do it Right

So how do you do a foreign language tattoo the right way? Spend some time doing research and choosing the words carefully. Also with the potential of the Internet these days it is straightforward to find a native speaker of the language who will translate the tattoo for you professionally.

Word Tattoo Translation

There are a ton of translation services online and paying an extra ten dollars for your tattoo design to ensure it says what you will help you to feel confident with your plan.
Another thing that can be very helpful to the translator and make the words and the final tattoo design more accurate is to choose words that are common and not slang. For instance, if you desired to get the word "pimp" tattooed across your chest in Kanji, it would be tough for the translator to find Kanji that would translate that word.

Word Tattoo Choose Wisely

There is no word for a pimp in the Japanese language and for sure in the older script or writing of Kanji which is thousands of years old. So pick your terms wisely and try to find words that are not slang or culturally based words. Also, don't be locked into exact translations. Often words don't translate straight across from one language to the next. It takes some finesse and alters of the phrase to honestly express the meaning of the saying in another language.

Word Tattoo-Finding A Tattoo Artist

Last but not least you want to see the tattoo artist. Carefully; There are tons of tattoo artists out there, and many of them are genuine artists. Meaning they have unique skills and talents and they are not just machines that pump out tattoo designs. They have unique and unique abilities and skill sets, and therefore it can be beneficial to seek out an artist that specializes in the language you want to get the tattoo done. For example, if you get a kanji tattoo design done by a Japanese tattoo artist, you can be pretty sure the translation and the artwork have been done correctly. As always you get what you pay for in life and going with cheap is not the way to go with a tattoo that you will wear for the rest of your life. So if it costs a little more then pay and be satisfied with the symbol you get!