Perfect Word Tattoo- How to Select The Best Words

Perfect Word Tattoo

Perfect Word Tattoo

Perfect Word Tattoo A word tattoo can be meaningful choices. There are also some important things you need to be aware of when selecting a word tattoo. If you do these wrong, you can have a lifetime of regret. But that shouldn't happen with the help you are about to receive. Follow along, and you will learn how to select the perfect word tattoo.

Perfect Word Tattoo Personal and Unique

A word tattoo can be entirely personal and very uniquely portray to the world the statement you want to make. Where print tattoos can be somewhat individual and open to review, word tattoos are precise and direct in their meaning.

Perfect Word Tattoo Phrases

When getting a word tattoo think first, and do this with exceptional care, what does the slogan say and mean? This will be in your body for your whole life so you want to make sure what it means will still hold true for you 20 or 30 or more years later in your life. There are many famous quotes to choose. There are also words from songs that many people find inspiring for word tattoos. If music is an essential part of your life, you may even want to have a string of musical notes as your tattoo.

Perfect Word Tattoo Where to Look

Passages from the Bible are also very popular and guide a person's life.
Many couples, to show their unity and commitment will use words taken from their wedding vows as a tattoo. They can both share the same expression, or each wears one half of the passage.

Perfect Word Tattoo Placement

Think next about placement on the body. Areas that are popular for women include ankle, wrist and rib cage. For men, favored areas for word tattoos are shoulders, upper back, and rib cage. Make sure you visit a tattoo professional that has done lots of this type of work before. Tattoo lettering is different that tattoo pictures. You want the letters so they will be easy to read. They must also be written clear enough so that as your body ages you will still be able to read the phrase. If the letters are written to small, they could run together and turn into a blur of ink in your later years.

Perfect Word Tattoo Summary

You also want the work done with an ink color that won't fade as quickly and wears the best. Black ink is best for tattoos of words or tattoo quotes. For creativity, some people opt for getting the words done in a foreign language. Make sure if you do this that the words mean what you want them to. If you live in one country and get a tattoo with words in another language that will add to the mystery behind the symbol. Be careful; you will always having people asking you what means.