Italian Tattoo Designs Meaning-Tattoo Ideas From Italy

Italian Tattoo Designs Meaning

Italian Tattoo Designs Meaning-Tattoo Ideas From Italy

Italian Tattoo Designs Meaning, Italian tattoos are trendy today and for a good reason. Italy is a country filled with history, charm, and romance. Here are the top Italian Symbols that Make Great Italian Tattoos. Here are some unusual ideas and sayings to this part of the universe, which manifest in the tattoos that people from this nation wear. Now, you can see a lot of men donning slogans or messages on their skin, in the elegant Italian language.

Italian Tattoo Designs Meaning

Probably most the most popular of Italian symbols is the Italian national flag. It is common to see a tattoo in so many different ways to make it unique yet still highly reconizable. This flag consists of three vertical bands of equal width in the colors of green, white and red. The green group near the flagpole.

Italian Tattoo Designs Meaning Emblems

Italy has a national emblem that is also very popular. The symbol has a traditional white star. It also has a red border and a wheel in the center with five outside spokes. The ring has an olive branch on its left and a subsidiary of oak on its right. The parts bound together by a red colored ribbon bearing the phrase "REPVBBLICA ITALIANA."

Italian Tattoo Designs the Meaning-Italian Republic

The Italian horn is a famous symbol used as an Italian tattoo. It looks similar to the horn of an antelope of a crescent-shaped moon. Initially, it was a superstitious symbol, coming from Greek times. It was meant to ward off evil and protect against the evil eye. It also was intended to protect against reduced fertility. In more modern times this horn symbol is looked upon as something that brings good luck to the person that wears it.

Italian Tattoo Designs Meaning Romance

The city of Venice in Italy is a trendy location with its many canals and waterways. It is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. Images of lovers in a gondola, floating along in Venice makes a vast Italian tattoo. The country of Italy has such a unique shape, like that of a boot. Because of that many tattoo enthusiasts favor body artwork that is a simple map of the Italian countryside.

Italian Tattoo Designs Meaning Summary

Known for its wines, a tattoo of a jug of wine, cheese and grapes can be very a favorite Italian image design.
Using Italian words as tattoos are also entirely in favor today. The one thing you must be careful with is to make sure that the words in Italian translate correctly and have correct grammar and spelling, so they mean what you intend for them to say.

The national anthem in Italy is: "Il Canto Degli Italiani" (The Song of the Italians). Using this as a word tattoo can be a great way to show Italian pride. Tattoo designs depicting timeless culture and history also make great tattoo designs. The Italian flag, which stands for allegiance and love for the country, can be made with a heart, crest, cross or star for a sleeve tattoo. Other than these, horn and cross are some of the contemporary Italian tattoos for men and women.