Visible Tattoos in the Workplace

Visible Tattoos

Visible Tattoos

Visible Tattoos Okay. I can't have ... I can't have this likeness in the background because my camera thinks it's my appearance ... which it is. But not in this video. So there! Back on my appearance. Tattoos and Employment. Employment and people who can't shut the fuck up. As you guys might know, this is my new office. I haven't secured all the set-ups hitherto. So, we'll see what happens with that. But ... Like my neighbors, that are working here next to me, are currently having lunch. Which constructs it very fucking difficult to the movie. Let's stop with the complaining and get into the video! Today, I'm going to talk about tattoos and employment. And what you should consider when it comes to employment before getting your tattoos. In regards to employment, "there are" six scenarios when you get your tattoos: Or not ... Because the first scenario is that you don't get tattoos. And you don't jeopardy not get utilized because of them.

Problem solved! Scenario number two is getting tattoos that are very easy to conceal, that no one will ever consider. And you won't jeopardy get utilized because of them. Scenario number three is that you have no idea what the hell are you want to do for a living. So you get tattoos and you simply hope for the best. Scenario number four is that you don't know what your wishes to do for a living. So you get tattoos that are easily hidden until you figure it out. And then, you can get most visible tattoos, if your employer allows it. Scenario number five is that the field of welding you are going into is very open-minded and doesn't really care about get tattoos.

In which occurrence, plow ahead! And ultimately, scenario count six, is that you don't even want the number of jobs. So, you are able to as well tattoo your entire appearance. No. Of track, it's not okay for a boss to discriminate you based on tattoos or any other body modifications. But, there is a time and a place to objection this and it might not always is worthy of gambling your vocation over. As for me, personally, my personal experience, because I'm in an industry that is very open-minded like the media industry is very open-minded, and I've never had any issues with my tattoos when it comes to getting an undertaking. I've never been denied an undertaking. Period. But I've, also, not applied to that many. Umm ... But I have, also, never been subject to discrimination because of my tattoos.

And I mean the latest interview I went to, the guy interviewing me had tattoos of his own. So, I have never striven with this. Which is why this video-- I know some of you might have wished for advice and how I deal with these situations. But the truth is I've never been in a situation like this. So I'm just trying to give you objective admonition that you might be able to apply to your situation. So the truth is that I am happy to take this battle because I am in a position where I can. I work for myself. So I can go to a job interview because I'm not dependent on the jobs I'm applying to and I can, kind of, objection their perceptions of people with tattoos.

Maybe, they want to magistrate me. But I show them who I am and the skills I have and perhaps move them to rethink. If not for me, then for the next person who comes in who's an amazing nominee for the number of jobs, who, also, happens to have tattoos. So I am happy to do that because I can. But if I reverse of being maybe a surgeon or a solicitor or perhaps work in a senior home or anything like that where it might still be a little sensitive to have tattoos I would, candidly, leave that fighting to someone else because if this is my feeling, and I really want to work with these happenings, my other feeling for tattoos "are going to have to" take the backseat. At least, for me. Of track, being happy with yourself and being who you are is the most important thing in life.

But. the relinquish of giving up visible tattoos to be able to work with your feeling, in my opinion, was also important because you can't go across life working with something you're not happy with. And if being a doctor or a solicitor or something that very "strict and very old school and very serious", if that is your feeling and you are able to love to work with that your entire life don't let visible tattoos prevent you from doing that and tell people, like me, who have the opportunity to take these battles without it gambling our vocations. And perhaps, we, all together, can host its judgment on people in their own bodies modification industry, or community instead, and in the future perhaps you are able to have visible tattoos and are significant, very heavily tattooed and still have a very serious undertaking. Not that my job isn't serious, but you know ... umm ... uhh ... I can do this and I mean nobody is going to care. While if you are in surgery, you do that people might be like "the fuck are you doing? " So I hope I got my object across.

I just wanted to share-- I mean the scenarios I mentioned, in the beginning, are basically what you have to choose from if you crave tattoos, but you also crave an undertaking and perhaps you don't know what undertaking you crave. Maybe get visible or not visible tattoos. Blah! Blah! It's always going to be up to you. You're always going to have to heaviness these happenings against one another. Is it: how much do I crave this tattoo and how much do I maybe crave this undertaking? If I don't know what undertaking I crave, is the potential worth it for this tattoo? You always have to weigh these pros and cons against each other.

And simply you are able to decide what the right thing to do is. So that's all for today's video. I hope you're not disappointed by the way I made this video about Visible Tattoos and employment opportunities because this is the only umm .. genuine direction I could make it. I can't sit here and feign that I have ordeal with being discriminated because of my tattoos. Because this has never happened to me. So these tips are the only ones that I've, personally, from my nerve, can give you. I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

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