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Turning 18 Tattoo

Turning 18 Tattoo

Turning 18 Tattoohello everyone, and welcome to my birthday Q & A! it is a birthday Q & A because the day I'm uploading this is actually my 18th birthday. Hence, yay yeah, so I asked you for my quest- your questions on Instagram and youtube, and I'm gonna provide answers now, and hopefully, I won't ramble too much, so let's get started the first question comes from Anne B from youtube what your favorite chant is on induced in the am? Probably my favorite chant is What A Seeming but other than that, I genuinely do adore Walking In The Wind, If I Could Fly, I Crave To Write Yout A Song, Olivia,

Never Enough next question comes from Hannah Walding would you ever dye your fuzz another coloring, and if so, what coloring? Well, I dyed my hair since you asked that question, so this probably answers itself next question comes from Angelina from youtube do you like Justin bieber& are you planning to go to one of the concerts? Btw I love your fuzz( tale). Thank you! Well, I don't listen to his music so that I won't go to any of his concerts. Still, I do have lots of friends who do like him and do go to his concerts. I used to like him; fun fact, back in the working day when his first album came out, I remember buying the album like from the 10 bucks I had basically, expended all my fund on it, and yeah, I also move the second album, I don't know if I still have them to be honest, but yeah I used to be a fan of him. I used to like ready fanfiction and everything, so yeah next question comes from Samantha Alanis how many penetrates do you have, and/ or where would you want to get a penetrating next? I actually don't have any penetrates; you may think I have one because I used to wear a nose reverberate, but that was a fake one. Almost a year ago, I had this period where I would like a fake nose to reverberate all the time. I still have this nose reverberate, one second there we go here is I do not have any penetrates at all, merely this fake one and how many tattoos do you have and what would you want to get tattooed on you? I have a few tattoo hypothesis, and actually, I wanted to get my first Turning 18 Tattoo on my 18th birthday, but it doesn't really work up because I don't have money at the moment to get it done, but yeah, I do want to get Turning 18 Tattoo done one tattoo I want to get done first is like on my arm, and it's gonna be- I don't know- either here or here, and it's gonna be a chanted lyric which is gonna be facing towards me so I can read it when I look down at my arm, and it's gonna be "pretty is just a somewhat word" because this lyric like got me through a lot in life so yeah it was like a really proper meaning to me, and I genuinely want to get this done, but there are a few other

Turning 18 Tattoo, I crave like I may be craving a sketched out the flower on my ribcage or like an artwork by one of my favorite artists like here or something. I have a few hypotheses, but yeah, I'm definitely gonna get a Turning 18 Tattoo, so now let's move on to the questions from Instagram locks. Ro asks, "unforgettable time? " the first few moments that like come to my manager are always concert remembrances. These are the ones that like ever stick with you. Surprisingly they're not even necessarily from the concert but mainly from like after the concert when you leave the venue when you go home all these emotions and thoughts and all that is going on in here your manager these are always memorable minutes for me next question comes from mxcxxs - Karina top five charm things to complete of your pail roll? These are in particular ordering one thing would be "find the perfect foundation" make I still haven't found it another one would be to have clear skin that would be like one of the objectives of mine I don't think that's properly achievable, sadly another one would be fulfilled Lou Teasdale that is not really a charming thing but it various kinds of is but yeah another thing would be well this nothing I can achieve probably but can person delight please enjoy inventing purple semi-permanent fuzz dyes that don't transform blue-blooded or light-green? The last thing would be to step up my makeup game. I feel like I'm somewhat necessary when it comes to making up. I would love to get better and everything- yeah, the next question comes from Maya Katinka if you could wear only one sweater for the rest of your own lives, which one would that be? Probably my shirt I have from Brandy. Does it look like this next question comes from yarensahin9 4, great big anxiety? Well, I don't have any phobias or anything. Still, one thing I'm like scared of if you could say so in the future and that is personal future as well as like for the world and everything because you can't deny, but that's like super scary, so next question comes from Jennikl what's the must-have for your perfect Christmas? , this is definitely my must-have for Christmas. I adore fairy lights, and I actually have them up the whole time. Still, especially on Christmas, I'll have more fairy lights and actually put that up just for Christmas. Still, now I like it so much that I'll probably set it formerly Christmas is over next question comes from Nina under a paper moon and she has four queries, and the first one is: "the first thing you're going to do when you transform 18? As I said, it was actually getting a Turning 18 Tattoo, but that doesn't work out because I don't have money at the moment, but now it's probably is about to be, oh! Hopefully, ordering tickets for something special, getting some special tickets for something special, favorite Dan video and favorite Phil video? by Dan, it would probably be. It's one that I lately merely rewatched since that is gold. It is the "psycho French teacher" one and then merely, in general, every "reason why Dan's a fail" video ever by Phil...

There's one that I have in the psyche, my Turning 18 Tattoo. I don't know what it's called. Under a paper moon, the next question from Nina is how excited are you for Captain America - Civil War? Okay, real talk! On a magnitude from one to ten, I'm at a 79 next question comes from nameless Laia's favorite fuzz colorings you had? My rainbow hair probably I don't know if it's in the frame, but there's a picture of me with pink fuzz, so yeah, I really really loved the pink fuzz as well, and oh I ever adore a good lilac one which I have painted right here next question comes from care Denise what the best thing about birthdays is? Cake, not gonna lie, presents are always nice, and also I do adore the sentiments of Turning 18 Tattoo in general because it's gonna be an average day. Still, it's not because you pick your favorite attire. You do your makeup like special and everything, so yeah, I do adore this feeling that something is different. The next working day question comes from nameless Camille, which undertaking do you want to do in the future? I'm clueless about what to do in the future, but like, in general, I merely want to do something creative and maybe something with social media or like something with fuzz or charm; I don't know next question comes from styling what your five favorite songs are at the moment? Come on, delight by Beau for him.

By Troye Sivan I love you by Little Mix Never Enough by One Direction TOO GOOD because let's be honest, all his songs from his new album are my favorite songs at the moment because that album is just perfect, so the next question comes from riley_l the best volume you have ever spoken? The Great Gatsby, hands down, I necessitate this is a masterpiece, and it doesn't get praised for anything, so it's worth a talk. The next question comes from Lisa valinches what your biggest daydream is? I genuinely do want to live in England for a span of my life. I don't know how realistic that is, but this is like a dream of mine, and it has been a daydream since I was like 13. Delight, make this happen; the next question comes from mal0uis. What do you think is a perfect lane to invest in a weekend? Saturday - going to the city with some pals maybe do some shopping if I can afford it and Sunday either like stay dwelling relaxing let's really have to do schoolwork and everything. Still, if it was gonna be a perfect weekend I'm not gonna do any schoolwork or like I don't know going to a friend's that's like nearby or ever a good way or a perfect lane to invest the weekend is like inspecting person in another metropolis, maybe having a sleepover next question comes from iI belong in Hogwarts what a thing you definitely want to do before you die is? And that kind of travels along with the what's your biggest daydream question because one thing I definitely want to do before I expire and again I don't know if it's realistic I want to live in London- ah well London specifically but like want to live in the UK for a span of time in my life and the last question comes from Kayleigh Vander Straaten weirdest thing that ever happened in their own lives? I remember a tale now, which is actually birthday related as well. I'm gonna tell you now what happened so like in a secondary school; I would say it was like 5th grade or something it was the 16 of December, which is the day before my birthday. I came to school that morning, and I met in front of the class a chair, and with the teacher we had back then we had this thing where like when a kid in our class birthday that child would sit on a chair. In contrast, the others - the whole class would sing a song to them, and then the child would like to get a card and like congratulations and like the lesson would start so when I came into the classroom I met that chair. I was like, "Woah, it's nobody's birthday today" "I would know if somebody from this class had like their birthday before mine," so I was like, what's going on here? And then immediately after that, like the first few children came up to me and were like HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I was like ...

But I didn't say anything, and that was a huge mistake. I was like, uu uh? Like everybody in our class came up to me and was like congratulating me and pleasing me a happy birthday and whatsoever and "oh you're so old-fashioned now" and I said nothing because I was just so overwhelmed, and I have to say I was like genuinely shy back then so even if I wanted to say anything( which I actually wanted what the heck) I couldn't because I was just so shy and everything the teachers came up to me and also wished me a happy birthday, she sat on the chair, the whole class sing a birthday chant for me, I got a card and I remember that one moment because while the latter is singing the song I had sworn to myself "I'm gonna tell them now, it is not my birthday." but then I got the card and the teach sway my hands and was like "happy birthday Leonie! " and I remember that exact time me, looking at the guide, me, looking at the whole class, all smiling and grinning and thinking about my Turning 18 Tattoo , and then I said "thank you" and the whole day was just average from then on when my mum picked me up from school she saw the card I got and she was like "why do you have that card? " and I was like "my teacher thought it was my birthday today" and then we actually ran with my Turning 18 Tattoo at school and my mum used to tell my teacher like "yeah um it's not her birthday today, it's her birthday tomorrow" and my teacher was so embarrassed about it, so embarrassed and I was as well - I feel I was even more embarrassed about this whole story, yeah, this actually happened to me it's probably not the weirdest thing, but it's a pretty odd and funny story, and it's birthday related yeah hope that members enjoyed this little video see Turning 18 Tattoo, bye-bye!

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