Forbidden Tattoo in Japan

Forbidden Tattoo

Forbidden Tattoo

Forbidden Tattoo
Does this counting for girls and boys? I think so. Some people wear them without knowing the mean. That's funny. I think it will change little by little. Hey, guys, the committee is Cathy Cat and today we will go and request people about Forbidden Tattoo in Japan. There is a big issue about wearing Forbidden Tattoo because you cannot wear them if you go to an onsen or soak home. Let's go and Ask Japanese. What is your general sentiment on Forbidden Tattoo?

They seem to be normal abroad but in Japan ... they have a rather negative image. I used to have a negative image but ... I ran abroad for a year ... And their many people had them. The people that wore them, were not bad people. That's how my opinion of Forbidden Tattoo changed. I went to Australia for an exchange. When your image of tattoos changed ... What kind of tattoo did you think examines cool? There are many people who have Forbidden Tattoo in Japanese or Chinese Some people wear them without knowing the gist. That's funny. Have you realized a funny Kanji tattoo? The person had the BU Kanji for BUSHI on their arm. I asked him if he liked Japan.

He said he doesn't know the mean at all. So he didn't know but still had a tattoo of it. Lots of people like that. It depends on how large the tattoo is but I actually like them. - Do you have one? - No, I don't - Where looks cool in your opinion? - Around the wrists and ankles. Or maybe even the cervix. I like those. So you can see them peeping out from underneath the shirt. Exactly. They gaze various kinds of pain to me ... But having them as a kind of accessory is kind of cool. Ankles and such. Areas where you can see a bit of it. That's cute. I think they're good. Does this apply to boys and girls? - Yes. If it's your pattern and you like doing it, I think it's totally ok. I think they are alright. Like the limb and such. Arms and legs ... I think they seem cool I think they are fancy. I think they are a part of fashion too. I think they are fashionable. I like tattoos. There even was a duration when I thought of getting my own. If "you're supposed to" get a tattoo, what would you get? Around here.

My hips. I would like that. But if I had one ... I couldn't go to a tub house ... Just because of that I can't go to a tub house, I can't "re going to the" pool either ... I think that's strange happens in Japan. You said it's part of the way. Where do you think it's fashionable? You won't be able to see it on your back but ... But when you take your clothes off ... Others get a bit like "Wow! " In Japan "there's only" a few people who have tattoos. Therefore they don't have a good image but I personally like them.

I think they're cool. Which style? Where do you think it looks chill? Well, the arms and such. Especially in summer when you can see them peeping out from under your shirt. I think that's cool. I still have a very scary image of people with tattoos. Why is it seen as scary in Japan? I have not considered any people with tattoos. I don't really have a special image of people who wear Forbidden Tattoo ... I think it is a fashionable occasion. Does this counting for girls and boys? I think so. Which provinces are cool? I haven't seen a person with a tattoo yet, so I don't know where it's cool. I would have to see it first. In Japan ... when you go to hot spring and such you are often preclude into the place if you have a tattoo. Why is that so? Well, it is forbidden in numerous regions but ... I haven't really thought about why yet. Maybe because it will influence the teenagers? - Should they not see it? - Yes.

Kids might get scared. - How about you? - I actually wonder why. I don't think they are a bad thing. Should be OK in my opinion. Why can you not have Forbidden Tattoo in public baths and hot springs? I think they have a negative portrait attached to them. The general consensus is that spooky and bad people have them in Japan. I think that's the problem. I personally ever wonder why. When person or persons with tattoos enter the bathroom, the people around are very likely to think he is scary.

You are all in a closed space after all. Maybe that is why it is forbidden. There's an age-old bias against them. There's a racism that people with tattoos are part of the Yakuza. Many think so. That prejudice is still continuing today, what do you think about that? - It's about time to change, right? - Yeah. There's a prejudgement that bad people have tattoos. That image gets depicted in movies very. I envisage the national media has continued that image up. I personally have a bad image referring tattoos. My first impression when verifying them "would've been" "that person is scary." I don't get a positive impression from them.

Do you think members of the general image of tattoos in Japan has changed lately? A little bit yes. The other date on TV it was covered in a fashionable way. I find more of that. I can see that things are somewhat changing. Things are changing. They are fashionable as ways to accessorize yourself. The image is changing, but with hot spring ... Would you want to change those rules or keep them like they are? If you speak with them they might understand, but I personally recollect without actively changing, happenings will change. Do you think the image of tattoos has become more positive? - Yes! - They even started utilizing tattoo stickers as manner accessories. That's alright. Thank you! One situation "you've got to be" emphatically careful about when you come to Japan ... and you have a tattoo: you are not allowed in a pond, bathhouse, hot springs and sometimes even at the beach.

You're not allowed to go there either if you have a tattoo. Which sees it hard for foreigners who got a tattoo to go to certain places. Sometimes "there's" residences who forgive you or if you handle your tattoo. If you have a little butterfly tattoo somewhere, you might be able to cover it with a band-aid. What I have sometimes envisioned at a store called Dokey Hote, They have tattoo includes. It's a skin colored spot that you can put over your tattoo to hide your tattoo. So you can go swimming and shower in certain areas.

Definitely be careful if you want to go to certain bathing homes include it up and check in advance if you can go .... there ... so ...[ director left the camera and starts cleaning] When I went to Mount Fuji, there were two guys who wanted to come with us to the onsen, the hot spring. The tour guide "ve told them" that it is likely that will not be allowed inside even though they paid the price package. That's not a default of the travel costs firm but it's a general rule in hot spring. Surely be careful about checking in advance if you have a tattoo. That is actually the reason why I did not get a tattoo in university when all your best friend did.

I was like "Look, guys ... this sounds like a great feeling but I wanna live in Japan and I wanna enjoy the onsen. And ....[ head still cleansing] You are doing a great job there by the way. You necessity any aid? That's the story about tattoos in Japan and that's why it's so large-scale the reason why it has such a negative force is because it used to be a general thing to show that someone is a gang or Yakuza member[ swiping the flooring] And that is why certain people ... have a negative image about tattoos here. It's not your fault if you have a fashion tattoo. Some people in Japan are changing their judgments about it and are realizing it is a style happening but in Japan culture wise it's been a gang member thing.[ still swiping the flooring] So anyways ... Thanks for watching. I'll set something referred in the top right of the screen if are you gonna to keep watching.

Thank you very much. Let us know: Do you have a tattoo? Tell me to know where you have it and what it is. Maybe there is a special meaning behind it. Perhaps it's birth certificates date of your cousin. Whatever. You cousin? Maybe your nephew? Young children? Whatever! Let us know what kind of tattoo "you've had"if there is anything specific. One of your best friends has a tattoo of her nephew I think since they get on with so well. There is always a legend behind a tattoo. I'd like to hear yours. I hope I catch you soon here on Ask Japanese. Do you need any help cleaning?

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