Tattoo Magic- A Journal in my Skin

Tattoo Magic

Tattoo Magic

Tattoo Magic, they're my journal, they're my timestamp, a delineate, they act as reminders, reminders of things, parties and homes, that I can never escape. The good, the bad, the ugly, they're all a part of me.( tattoo gun whirring) So my first tattoo was this one. Literally, I didn't care what it was, I merely recollected the skull was cool and the colorings were cool and I required a Tattoo Magic really badly, I was 17 and I think I ambled around for a few weeks with my sleeves rolled up, merely the one sleeve. F-F-T-B expressed support for Fortune Favor the Bold, which I talk about in another video, reach your own fluke mostly. I've got this one on my thumb, mostly my affection of photography, so when I thumped the shutter button, you assure the word, Smile. Fernweh stands for, it's a German statement for wanderlust, which means being homesick of somewhere you've never been, various kinds of like my affection for traveling. These four hips of the playing posters. A spate of parties think it's a magic trick involved with it, but if you serve it upside down, it sorta sorceries LOVE, so represents my affection for cards.

The statement Villain is an interesting one. It's kind of an opposition. I had it done because it sort of typifies what parties would think of you with Tattoo Magic, although I'm not a criminal, I kinda like putting it out there. This one I had done in Blackpool, England. It, the digits bridged represents sort of like misrepresentation, lying, chiseling, stealing, all things involved when play-act magic, so I thought it was fitting. This one over here is Buster Keaton. Buster Keaton was a silent movie performer from the 1920 s, but he was also reasonably of a magician. He's mostly the first being to really use camera magic and he fabricated a bunch of laws, when it came to filming stuff, principles such as if the camera doesn't see it, it doesn't exist and I use a lot of those principles, when I develop videos, so he's been a big brainchild for me and funnily enough, Houdini actually imparted him his figure. So Houdini was a friend of his parents and he saw him slipping down the stairs as a kid and remarked, "That kid's a real buster, " and the figure merely lodged. The knight represents my favorite chess bit, the horse, the only piece, that they are to able hop over the other sections and the most unpredictable bit on the chessboard.

The posters here, I've always liked this sort of old sketch, you know, I've always been attracted to sort of tattoos, that look like they were represented in Russian prisons and so this one is no objection, but instead of the words Luck, I supplanted the L with an F,( chortles) merely thought it was funnier. Memento Mori Carpe Noctem, some of you may know I have some decks with, by those names.

Carpe Noctem sort of represents my affection for working at night, sort of getting stuff done, when everybody else is sleeping, and thinking about tomorrow, when you still sort of grinding away at today. I find I'm more creative at nighttime, than I am during the day, merely' make, no distractions. Memento Mori means remember you're gonna expire, which is a constant reminder. There's a story behind that. So Roman Generals, right after they triumph a campaign, they'd go into these massive processions and at the conclusion of its procession, you'd have the General garmented up as a God, as a deity, covered appearance, and everything and he would be victorious and parties would applaud him and praise him and beside him was a preacher or a rector, a priest, and they would mutter into his ear, Memento Mori, reminding him that he's just mortal and that he will die one day.

The moth sort of exits with the Carpe Noctem, sort of a nighttime swine. This one represents magic is dead and it was done by Obin Jones. It doesn't mean magic is dead in the full sense, but sort of the traditional gaze of magic, to me, is dead. The spear through the bunny hat, you know, sort of represents that and how we're moving into a newer situate within magic. The bird is a ingest. Ordinarily, withdraws are tattooed on sailors, after they get 5000 miles at sea and then another one for 10000.

You'd see it a lot on ex-prisoners as well and that sort of represented freedom, so it's kind of what it represents for me, is more of freedom. The skull on my left hand is done by a creator in California, when I asked him to merely literally, merely reap me a skull. I've always been fascinated with skulls, I have a few of them on my torso and I like the biology of them, I like the symbolism of them. The tattoos on my left handwriting, so there's time, death and affection, which is the three kinds of stuff, that we have as humans.

It's the only stuff we have, it's the only stuff we care about. So the hourglass for the occasion, the skull for death and then 52 for love. I sorta had it done on my ring finger to represent how I'm married to the game. This is a Viking rune and what that rune represents is a sort of rite of legislation that you go through and when you get into adulthood. The three unforgivable cuss( chortles ). I'm a big Harry Potter love. I've read all the books. I adoration how the books sort of start off as like a children's work and through the latter roles, becomes a lot darker. You kind of grows up with the specific characteristics in the book. Same Again, that's a tattoo that I share with an acquaintance of excavation, Daniel Madison and sort of every time we get together, when we assure each other, we're in different parts of "the worlds", but every time we get together, we have a good time and we sort of tell each other, "Next time, you know, Same Again, " and the committee is also represents, you know, when the glass is empty and the bartender asks you what you wish to drink, you know, Same Again.

Y-Y-Z is the airport in Toronto, mostly a second home. It sort of represents the city, I adoration Toronto, I adoration going there, I have a lot of friends there, so. W-W-X-D, What Would X Do? X expressed support for Xavier Spade, one of our friend and a mentor in magic. So every time the time comes to sleight of hand, when I think I've got something down and I'm good enough, I go to see him and he tells me it's shit, so( giggles) that's no good. Kind of what that represents and so when I'm working on something and I think it's good enough, I think to myself, "What would Spade do, what would Xavier do? " and he'd perhaps say it was shit. The orange tree is Robert Huang, Robert Huang, Huang, you're probably more very well known the movie, The Illusionist with Edward Norton, where he makes this orange tree sprout out of a casket and it develops oranges and then eventually the oranges open up and butterflies come out with a sort of handkerchief and a lady's echo attached to it and it's a really supernatural moment.

Certainly, in real life, it's pretty much the same effects and now, by today's guideline, learning something like that on stagecoach wouldn't be as impressive. It would very much be considered classical magic and more of an art bit, where's back then, before the internet, before television, to be able to create life on stagecoach before someone's very sees and control butterflies like that was something adored and horror by a lot of parties and so the sense of amaze was much greater back then, because the difference between what they know and what they're learning was really big. This lady sort of represents paradise for me represents the perfect situation.

So naked lady under a palm tree, sipping out of a skull, I don't know what that tells me, but I like it. This one here's my logo, my old-time insignia. The triangle sort of represented misrepresentation and the three teardrops is blood, sweat, and snaps, it's what I put into it. These figures here I've done multiple times on video is a magic trick, you guys are more likely understood it, one of my favorite go-to effects.

For some reason, parties really like Tattoo Magic exposes as a magic trick, like it's just something innately about it being on your surface and permanent, that leaves them sort of astonished. The mermaid in the bottle represents, it's one of my favorite Tattoo Magic and it kind of communicates to the disgusting nature of human beings, how they see something beautiful and have to have it and so having that mermaid in a bottle various kinds of is that, where I said to myself, "I need to have that on my skin." Flesh 52 from The Expert at the Card Table is the classic pass, something I'm always trying to perfect, something, a move I'm always trying to was better and reach more invisible and more imperceptible. I'm constantly working on it, so it's a reminder to keep working at it and it's kind of amusing and cheeky,' make when I'm performing, I'll actually play-act this move and the audience had not yet been thought, that the seminar for "it's on" my limb. This symbol here is, I don't even know if I can speak about it, it's a membership, along with another Tattoo Magic I can't talk about is the four of Spades on my thumb and some of you may know is to be a member of the 52.

This one on my limb was be done in order to Miami. I went to a Tattoo Magic patterns and acted magic and met a really cool acquaintance of excavation, who's now an acquaintance of excavation, goes by the figure of Johnny Nobody and we just clicked. He adoration magic, he dipped and he wanted to ink me up, so I got a photograph of Howard Thurston, who's one of my favorite all-time sorcerers. The paint itself didn't have the Devil and he added that and sort of, his reasoning for it was that it sort of represented both sides to me, how "were having" secrets, how we all sort of life with these demons within us, everybody has and as a magician, I think even more so. Oh, the straight edge. So the straight edge razor is another one of that Tattoo Magic, that merely appears iconic, like the old-time captive Tattoo Magic, which I certainly adoration. I adoration barbering, I adoration going to the barbershop literally every week to encounter your best friend and so I've grown very fond of the whole barber life and taking care of your whisker and nonsense, so that's just another part of my journey.

Some parties choose to wear their middle on their sleeves and I choose to wear excavation on my surface.( mellow, funky music ).

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