Bad Tattoo Failed Mugshots

Bad Tattoo

Bad Tattoo

Bad Tattoo Adam Roberts has a crazy taxi and he's a twenty-four-year-old in southern Illinois and if you wanted to get us call tattooed on his head or on his look uh ... antes pollen spooky is something that never comes across "you're seeing" right then I don't think so um ... I think it looks like he's from usable caps Marie it does kind of looks like that now that I think the serum looks clownish to me, I wouldn't be scared by uh ... what Billy you when you stand by and truly note that you one great problem in the members of this house lots of cherishing forty to the cat medicine.

I had no idea you robbed the two percent slippers very no fake it's sort of occasion finance and the other consultant anyway fund on uh ... seldom reason why use in the news today is not being as it is that too uh...

He heisted twenty-eight storage lockers and that's the justification that reusing only to prove you pictures of him with this crazy bad tattoo, tactical uh ... so yes it's about fourteen months of for but not the aimed soon pretty much an unfortunate like for matter when he's like forty the climate to you go to school gunk tentative perhaps we need to increase the taxiways two twenty-one think about it by although I don't know when you got a prepare is twenty-four so you get it threatening that stuff really it's uh ... for one we might have been out looking like a bad tattoo to be too and this was the end of the are like publishers and you know uh ... commands intrusive but river five-year pragmatic Padma disco or deleted don't accompany that decision it's people like that.

You wouldn't want to be caught with these failed tattoos. Especially in a mugshot!

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