Tattoo Designers Common Lies We Are Told

Tattoo Designers

Tattoo Designers

Every day more and more people are deciding to be tattooed. Now that you have your idea of what your custom tattoo design should look like, all you need is to find the right tattoo designer to draw your diagram. With the increasing demand for creating tattoo designs, the tattoo industry has become a home for con artists where the primary goal is just to make money. In light of this, let us have a look at some untruths told by tattoo designers just to get a job.

Tattoo Designers Common Lies Experience

In the tattoo industry, the experience is one of the critical things that will ensure an artist or designer does a high-quality job. Yes, folks, practice makes perfect, but that does not mean that a newbie in the business could not provide quality work. What you need to do is ask for the background of the tattoo designer and check it out; ask to see a portfolio or do a background check.
If a designer hesitates to answer some pertinent question regarding his work, chances are, they are trying to fool you. A good tattoo designer usually exhibits his actual work of art.

Tattoo Designers Common Lies  It's Too Complicated

One common mistake by a person who wants to get inked is, believing that what the designer first suggested looks good on them. If a designer tells you that the old ways are the best, chances are his or her skill and knowledge are limited. If they say that your design is too sophisticated, then you'd better find another designer. A real designer can make the most simple and most complex tattoo designs.

Tattoo Designers Common Lies

A real tattoo designer is willing to create a design based on their client's needs. Although they may suggest technical details to improve your idea, do not lose your personality in the process. Recognize you are the one bearing the tattoo and it is a branch of your being, not the designers.

Tattoo Designers Common Lies  Too Quick, Too Expensive

If you are new to the tattoo world, the chances are you have no idea how pricing is given. Some con artists when they see that you are eager to have a design, charge you a rate much higher than it costs. A real tattoo designer can tell if your plan is simple or complex in detail. They also provide details on size, color and the part of your body to ink. They just do not say "I can do this in 30 minutes at such-and-such a price." Beware of tattoo designers like this. An excellent tattoo designer takes time to do the work, not rushing it. Also never let a tattoo designer dominate you. Some are too impatient and are only interested in making money.

Tattoo Designers Common Lies Summary

Getting a tattoo is exciting; just take your time to find the right designer who will come up with a perfect piece of art. Asking essential questions is never a bad thing. Keep in mind that your tattoo is you and that it will last you a lifetime.