Orchid Tattoo Meaning-Common Tattoo Design For Women

Orchid Tattoo Meaning

Orchid Tattoo Meaning

Orchid Tattoo Meaning, Tattoos Are Visual Representations That Have Symbolic Meaning
Having studied human behavior and body language it is funny to find out that people that get tattoo's often don't know what the symbology means.

Orchid Tattoo Meaning Other Popular Designs

Although a butterfly design is the most traditional tattoo for first time females, it makes the statement that a girl is now a woman.  The larger and more vivid butterfly tattoo is, the more they want people to see the change in them.

Orchid Tattoo Meaning Sexuality and Procreation

The orchid symbolizes both male and female sensuality. With the stem a phallus shape and the name meaning testicles in the Greek language, the orchid is like wearing a penis. The womanly features of the orchid show appeal, grace, and dignity meaning that you are sensual and want to display beauty to males that view your tattoo. It is thought to be a sign of high fertility for this reason.

Orchid Tattoo Meaning Tattoo Design Locations

People will often place the tattoo in a private area if they only want a few select people to know about this event in their life. By limiting access to its viewing, the person is making the statement that only elite people get to know the real them. With tattoo's located in public or easily seen places, it is all about desiring others to see the symbol and get a distinct opinion about the individual.

Usually, the tattoo will go on the section of the body that the wearer likes and places a high appreciation.  Men sometimes coil barbed wire around their biceps for this same reason women put tattoos. They want people to see that their bicep is more important than yours and that they are sturdy enough to wear a barbed wire on their body taking the small barbs of pain in their stride.

Others like their forearms, the shape or strength in particular, so decorate it with letters or designs that draw your eyes along their muscular contours.

  • The people of South America believe, this tattoo implies the external appeal and the internal balance.
  •  According to Greek mythology, the orchid was a fundamental characteristic of the goddess of springtime and potency.
  • Orchid petals are said to symbolize innocence and purity, they are for young virgin maidens.
  • In Costa Rica, the accepted opinion is that the concept of the orchid encourages a woman to reveal suppressed sexuality.
  • In some European countries, this blossom signifies loyalty.
  • Western belief is that an orchid indicates artistic energy, it is for individuals with a bright mind.
Orchid Tattoo Meaning Understanding the Design

Some people assume that the color of the orchid also carries its connotation. In fact, a lot of females choose this brilliant design when it comes to expressing their sexuality. Thus, a blue orchid is the sign of eternity; red flowers indicate passion and desire, pale pink orchids are about physical attractiveness.

Orchid Tattoo Meaning Summary

Very few people put tattoo's on parts of their body they don't like unless they are hiding scars or another symbol' Us from their past. The important thing is to understand that your choice of tattoo and its location will say more than you know so choose carefully and grasp what your design means.