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Tattooing so I heard you wanna have become a tat wizard. Do you want to place the pin to the scalp? Do you want to vaporize some sick ass tats? Well, today is your lucky epoch because you are going to learn how to do a tattoo from the beginning to the end. Now don't think I'm just going to give up all my secrets and be your personal ink master. I'm going to leave that job up to my spouse, Rachel, who's clearly the panel of experts out of the two of us. She's going to take you on a wild ride to the back chambers of the tat shops, where the INK MEETS SKIN. Let's see how it's done. To embark you're going to want to make sure that you come up with a blueprint for tattooing that is arched and not has straight lines because straight lines are hard-boiled and you can see all the mistakes.

So try to avoid that. Sharks and scrimps and curved shapes are much better. Then you're gonna wishes to just draw that onto the sticky newspaper, and you're gonna cut it out, and you're gonna make a sticker out of it. And you put it through the sticker machine, like so. Next, you are able to take your machine and the rubber bands, or if you don't have those, hair elastics.

This is a beginner's mistake, you should never point the tattoo machine at your appearance, in case it squirts ink out at you. And you wanna make sure you have all of your supplying laid down by before you start the tattoo. That includes a popsicle stick with petroleum jelly, or if you don't have that, just empty out a glue stay and use that to procure your ink caps. Fill up the caps with the ink that you want to use. A few drippings will do ya. Hairy customers are difficult, so merely shave all of the whiskers off their own bodies. Then you want to lotion them up really good so that they don't have any crusty domains. Just make sure that it's facing the right direction, because if you apply it up- upside down, then you'll have to do it again. Attain sure that when you're tattooing your buyer, you're always smiling, being friendly, and congratulating them.

Some examples of this could be "Wow! I like your socks, " or "What did you have for breakfast this morning? " While you're working on tattooing, made to ensure that you rub the cement, or the whisker gel, over the tattoo so it doesn't bleed too much. It'll also pacify the customers down when you rub them. Appears great. Formerly you've got the stencil done, time to move on to the color. Now when you're doing this, make sure that you stay in the lines. That's the whole degree of the stencil. If you go outside of the lines, it won't seem good. Only think about a coloring notebook. Construct assured that you always wear gloves so that you don't catch germs.

Now if you really wanted to make a tattoo like this popping, I would recommend including eyelashes, um, that always facilitates it seems better; in my view. Stir sure that you use bright colors because when you get older all the colorings will mush into one color, you won't be able to tell what it is. So bright colors will help it stand out. If you can't find strip, you can use this foam, just in case she would bump into something when this is done, it will hurt less.

Make sure you include additional videotape so it doesn't fall off. And that's basically it, there's not much to it as "you're seeing", just made to ensure that you have all of your supplying handy and I signify, genuinely, if you watch this video, you should be a pro in no time. If you have any questions, appear free to leave them as specific comments, um, thanks.

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