Face Tattoo Odd Couple Gets Them

Face Tattoo

Face Tattoo

Face tattoo We're here today to get look tattoos.( Typewriter Taps)( Acoustic Guitar) - Not like' Faces Tattoo, but like a likeness of each other's faces on the other's organization. We've been together, what like-- - About five years old. Married for four and half of them.[ Kelly] Why not just have undertaken to a lifetime of like our youngest and better selves, on each other's bodies eternally. - It's unusual certainly, but I think it's kind of a cool postponement of our subsisting commitment to each other. If for whatever reason that changed down the road, lasers dwell.( melodic electronic music) -

Hey, I'm Zoey and we're here at The Warren. This is my shop and I've been tattooing for about 17 years now. I'm a quite versatile creator. My strength would be descriptions or reality and a Face Tattoo. There's something about faces that when you are able to captivate somebody's appearance and their expression that it's kind of a special thought. So it's just something I've always been drawn to. Parties worry about, "Ooh, what if they break up? " But tattoos are many bookmarks of moments in your life and irrespective of what happens to them this is a big part of their life.

So I think it's cool. Where are you guys "ve been thinking about" putting these? - I was kind of leaning more towards my shoulder neighborhood somewhere in this real estate here. -

Your chest? - Yeah kinda.[ Kelly] I'm a bit on the fence, but I'm open to like situating it in different areas. - We can stencil you in a couple of places and look what it feels like.[ Kelly] If that's okay? - Taylor, do you wanna go first? -? Yeah! - Can you get naked?[ Kelly] I don't know, do you feel weird about that? - That's true. I almost feel like I'm like an evil twin growth or something that's growing out.[ Zoe] You guys want to move it? - Yeah, let's do that. - I like that so much better. - Awesome.

- It's perfect.( electronic pop music) - So bizarre.( needle buzzes) It's eerie because it looks like me so much but too just weird to verify my face on you and know that it's never "are going away".( laughs) I contemplate the bang of the machine is actually very soothing so it precisely becomes like a meditative regime eventually.( mansion music) - We're all done. Hour for you guys to take a look. - Oh my god! - I'm not ready yet, you go first. - Alright.

Moment of truth! - It's happening! - Whoa! That's awesome! - It's like frightening how much prettier I am as a tattoo. - You look great though. - I mean, yeah! Holy crap though. - This is so awesome. - That appears just like my look. - Shocker. - I know! Can you believe it? - It labors. Are you ready? Are you agitated? - Yeah. I am. Oh my god! - What ?! - It's you! Look how excited you are to live on my limb eternally. During it, I was like, "Oh god, what if I dislike this? " But it actually builds me excited wants to talk to you excited on my arm.

Like you look so happy to be here. - That's me! Thanks, Zoe.[ Kelly] I necessitate, it's like you manufactured us better seeing. - You guys take good visualizer. - I also feel like I'm gonna be less inclined to get mad at you sometimes, simply because you look so happy here. - Face tattoo already paying off.( all laughable) - Do you think other beings should do this? - Yes. Absolutely. Do I make appear how well this turned out? Hey, do you wanna make love? - No. That bites too much. I'm not ready for this sort of weirdness just yet. A face tattoo really? - Soon.( soft electronic music ).

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