Soundwave Tattoo Baci the singing dog

Soundwave Tattoo

Soundwave Tattoo

Soundwave Tattoo So I decided that I wanted to get a Soundwave tattoo. And my decision was to get one of my pup Baci. And he has a famous howling thing that he does. So I decided to take a picture of Baci, and have him roaring for my Soundwave tattoo. Come here, Baci. Good dog. This is Baci, and this is Baci. And this is the Soundwave tattoo. Wanna you hear it again?

The newest way to express oneself is in the form of a Soundwave tattoo. Whether it is a memory of a lost loved one, a long distance lover. You can have a voice recording put into a Soundwave Tattoo which will permanently keep your memory fresh.

This type of soundwave tattoo is a new technology in a coming together of art and science. To listen to the tattoo you need to use an app on your smartphone to play back the recording. This amazing Soundwave Tattoo is all the rage and waiting list to get one are a mile long. Since a limited number of these tattoos are available it is best to get your name on the list now.

You need to decide what to tattoo and have a voice recording available for the tattoo design to be created. If you don't quite know what to get there are some great photos on Pinterest to give you some wonderful ideas. I would suggest doing one with your favorite song, the voice of a loved one or pet. Whatever you decide it will be a memory to cherish for years to come. Imagine a recording you can listen to anytime you want.

You have to wonder what will be the next kind of tattoo craze. I can't even imagine what the future will bring.

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