Love Mom Tattoo The History

I love mom tattoo

Love Mom Tattoo

Love Mom Tattoo It is the ultimate everlasting tribute to your first love, your mama. The I love mom heart tattoo, iconic and beloved. The history of the mom-centric tribute times back to the 1700's, when sailors were at the forefront of tattoo culture. Think about this: you're dreaming about a long stint at sea, maybe to never return home. The I Love Mom Tattoo makes you feel at home.

These sailors often wanted to keep their loved ones close, and what could be any better than an I Love Mom Tattoo dead center on your limb? This I Love Mom Tattoo could represent the heart of a girlfriend. Not only is this the sentiment of the old time mariners, but a modern tribute. Modern sailor finds this type of tattoo a popular choice before heading out to sea. If you have ever been in the military you just how lonely you can feel when you are so far away from home.

But good-for-nothing remarks of an I love mom tattoo like this person, Norman Collins, AKA Sailor Jerry. Sailor Jerry is the man who popularized and polarized the I love mom tattoo, amongst many others. You don't have to go to sea to get this tattoo. Since mom was probably your first love, why not have it tattooed on your arm?

Nowadays, and I love mom tattoo is as favorable as ever amongst those working in the service and civilians. Though the imagery has changed a bit, the heartfelt sentiment remains the same. We love you, mom. This is the ultimate eternal tribute to your first love — your mom. You will find hundreds of different styles of this tattoo.
Your tattoo artist more than likely has his own selection for you to choose from in his parlor.

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