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New Tattoo

New Tattoo

New Tattoo
New tattoos, Hi there! Today I'm speaking in Spanish as I'm going to get a new tattoo. I'm getting a pretty big new tattoo on the arm ... on the forearm. I'm saying it's pretty big but in reality, I've got a small surface to work on, so it's not that big. I want you to see the new tattoo process with an artist that I've been loving lately.

It's due to her talent that I decided she was going to design my new tattoo. Her name's Rebeca Lopez, she's currently working at Void Tattoo in Barcelona. She's absolutely fantastic.

She did Eric's new tattoo it's absolutely amazing artistry. His tat was perfect. She's awesome withdrawing original art, she's absolutely amazing and a true professional. She's a wonderful creator and tattooer, and it's really why I wanted another tattoo so soon after the last one. So I'm getting a tattoo by her and I'll be showing you little videos of her while she does it!

If you are wanting to get a new tattoo I suggest you find the right tattoo artist. You just can have anyone make a great tat. You really have to trust your instinct about the artist. If you have not had a tattoo before it is best to get the recommendation of someone who was extremely happy with the completed product. You can just go anywhere and expect top notch results. Not all artists have the same talent and experience. Sometimes you get lucky with your first artist. In that case, keep going back for tattoos anytime you feel you want another one.

I know too many people who have bad experiences with choosing the wrong person to do the tattoo. Since tattoos are a permanent piece of art on your skin you want to make an educated decision about who your artist is going to be.

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