Marriage Tattoos for Couples a Symbol of Love

Marriage Tattoos

Marriage Tattoos

Marriage Tattoos Tattoos have long been a medium people use to pledge their undying love for each other. In the United States, we tend to associate hearts with love. Thus a heart design is a popular choice to show affection. Some people have even chosen to get tattoos to commemorate their marriage. Other cultures dictate that a woman is tattooed before she is also eligible to marry. Others use tattooing as a method to attract mates.

Marriage Tattoos Origin

Perhaps the origin of marriage-related tattooing in North America stems from the devotion tattoo. Devotion tattoos usually involve a heart or some other symbol of love and often someone’s name. Names don’t necessarily have to be concerned though; something else could be used to symbolize the devotee, like a favorite flower or something to do with her interests. Tattooed wedding rings have been around for centuries, but their recent celebrity status has given them a new lease on being hip and trendy. Back in the mid-1990’s rocker Tommy Lee wed Pamela Anderson of “Baywatch” fame. Unfortunately, the union didn’t last as long as the matching tattooed bands on their ring fingers.

Marriage Tattoos Celebrities

Fashion model, Mia Tyler (daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler) and her musician husband, David Buckner also have tattooed bands.  Although tattoos in the pace of actually rings sound extreme and absurd, it may have some practical advantages. Some people, like doctors and nurses, have professions that require them to wash their hands all the time. A tattooed ring would mean they can do so without having to bother with taking their wedding
band on and off repeatedly and risk losing or forgetting it. Other’s have jobs that have specific risk factors associated with wearing jewelry, like oil field worker, mechanics and others who deal with heavy machinery.

Marriage Tattoos Rings

Conventional rings can get caught on the machine’s moving parts regular basis. Conventional rings can get found on the machine’s moving parts and cause damage, and maybe even the loss of a finger. The ring finger has a tendency not to heal as well as other parts of the body so that the design may turn out a little blurry. Not all marriage tattoos have to be permanent to be significant. The Hindu religion mandates they couple, especially the bride to be, be decorated with henna tattoos for the ceremony, or their union will not be considered official. The word “Mehendi” is often used in place of “henna” and is synonymous with the word “marriage.” Its reddish color is symbolic of good luck and prosperity a new bride is going to bring to the family she is becoming a part. The designs are usually placed in the hands and feet by the bride’s female relatives during a ritual preformed the day before the wedding. At least one the groom’s hands are usually decorated for the ceremony as well.

Marriage Tattoos Different Cultures

In other cultures, a woman is not considered worthy to marry unless she is tattooed because it’s believed if she can’t  take the pain of getting extensively tattooed, then she might never be able to stand the even more intense pain of childbirth. By the same token, and untattooed man isn’t worth marrying because if she can’t endure the discomfort of getting inked, he is not going to be a good worker so he can’t provide well for his family. He will probably be considered an incompetent warrior.

Marriage Tattoos Summary

In many ways, picking out a tattoo design is much like looking for a spouse. Your tattoo with is your ever-present companion in good times and bad, in sickness and health, for richer and for poor. Pretty much the same rules apply. Sometimes a tattoo outlasts the relationship it was meant to celebrate and the two or three more. Much like a marriage gone wrong, divorcing a tattoo will also leave you hurting, broke and scarred.