Tattoo Age: A Time for Tattoos

tattoo age

Tattoo age

Tattoo age: a time for tattoos. I don't think Mutsuo would ever talk about himself that is something that. He's a very unassuming kind of person. You'd satisfied him and you'd be like, ah, he's a really nice, quiet person in the tattoo age. And he's not a hustler. He's just really devoted to tattooing as an artist. He'd learn how to tattoo everything. Kind of like in the United States. In the' 90 s, you simply tattooed whatever came in the door. He kind of got an American' 90 s tattoo education. He's probably the first person in Japan to get that it's the tattoo age.

He's a maverick. MALE SPEAKER( OFFSCREEN ): And he doesn't even know. CHRIS: He doesn't even know. NAMI:[ SPEAKING JAPANESE] MASA:[ SPEAKING JAPANESE] HIROSHI:[ SPEAKING JAPANESE] MUTSUO:[ SPEAKING JAPANESE] CHRIS: Mutsuo, he's like a walking artist. I don't know if he has any lacks at this degree. Everything I envision him do looks altogether legit. He started tattooing before the tattoo age, I guess, in 2000, 2001. Yeah, I can't believe that he's been tattooing for like 13 years now. Yeah, the day goes by very so quick, but. Mutsuo is like the foundation at Three Tides now.
When Three Tides started, it was a very new conception in Japan to have a Western-style shop where you could get to go in and you could get an almost any type of tattoo at the tattoo age. It wasn't inevitably a Japanese-style tattoo.

It could be an American tradition, or a single needle black and gray-headed, or Japanese, maybe like only a dragon on your arm. I consider a lot of people that were young, whether they were into skateboarding or rock and roll, I envisage a lot of them would be intimidated to go to a traditional tattoo shop and be like, I want to get a panther. It would be just something that wasn't really done at that time. That was a niche Three Tides filled for a lot of people. Something that they insured in an American tattoo magazine they could get done in Japan without having to travel to the United States or Europe or something like that. MASA:[ SPEAKING JAPANESE] MUTSUO:[ SPEAKING JAPANESE ].

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