Peace Sign Tattoo Design The Original Meaning

Peace Sign Tattoo Design

Peace Sign Tattoo Design The Original Meaning

Peace Sign Tattoo Design, The peace sign tattoo is a popular choice, and it's having a bit of a revival lately with skin ink fans. There is a history behind the sign itself that some may know about when they get the tattoo and others may not. There is also information about symbols in general that may help you if you are deciding to get a tattoo, whether a peace sign or other designs.

Peace Sign Tattoo Design History

The peace sign first was designed in the year 1958 by a British artist. He developed it for the campaign for British nuclear disarmament, and he created the figure to represent desperation, making the logo look like a person who holds both their arms out in fear to the side. Nuclear disarmament was the original meaning of the peace sign.

Peace Sign Tattoo Design Hippies

Since then, the peace sign has come to mean so much more. It was enveloped by hippies in the decade of the 1960's during the so-called hippy movement as a symbol of opposition to the war in Vietnam.
Peace signs covered clothing, faces, and other body parts. There is even a hand gesture that represents the peace sign and is used to convey peace and harmony.

Peace Sign Tattoo Design Modern Day  Meaning

In modern day society, you will see people from all walks of life and income level sporting the tattoo. For some people, it is a corporate worker rebelling against the bosses and men or women above him and for others, it may be someone considering themselves to be a modern day "Hippy" and wanting Peace and Love for all. It is a symbol that is accepted by the broad base of society and has, for the most part, only positive association with it.

If you are looking for small feminine tattoos or want to get a tattoo and aren't sure exactly what you want, the peace sign is a real and feel-good tattoo that everyone likes. You can get creative and include some unique styles of Tattoo lettering fonts to add a quote or say you believe in as well.

Peace Sign Tattoo Design Various Styles

Many different styles and colors can make up a peace sign tattoo so always see a tattoo artist who is a professional and understands your style, theme, and design. Be sure to know that the plan is what you were thinking of before you have it put on your body in permanent ink. People get tattoos to represent many different things. There are a variety of ages that get them, from teenagers to young adults to middle-age people.

Some people get them to look or feel cool, some have an extraordinary and significant reason for getting them, and some have other ideas. A lot of people are even "addicted" to getting tattoos and have them all over their bodies.

Peace Sign Tattoo Design Summary

Whatever the motivation is that you wish to get a design, you need to realize that it is a tattoo is permanent. Consider what part of the body you get it on, as some things can sag and wrinkle as you mature. It is something to consider for a long time before you decide to get one.

Do your research, take your time to decide on the tattoo design that resonates with you and your personal beliefs, and you will have skin ink to cherish for the rest of your life.