Custom Tattoo Design Trends That Govern The Tattoo Industry

Custom Tattoo Design Trends

Custom Tattoo Design Trends That Govern The Tattoo Industry

Custom Tattoo Design Trends, If there's one element that tattoo enthusiasts hate about the tattoo industry, it is the inclination to the trends set forth by celebrities. Not that it's wrong to emulate their custom tattoo designs: but some people think that just because celebrity X has a hot Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her thigh, getting that same tattoo on their legs too will make them as sumptuous as their hero. As a consequence, there is no chance for any individuality when an artist has to design a tattoo for the client.

Custom Tattoo Design Trends

Today, people want to sport tattoos that look and feel different from the usual ones. They want designs that reflect who they are, what their typical characteristics are they also desire to apply their tattoos to show an extraordinary experience or an individual very dear to the heart.

Custom Tattoo Design Trends- Five Exciting Fashion Tattoo Trends

Japanese Tattoo designs - Hello Kitty doesn't fit as a Japanese tattoo, nor are Dragon Ball and Samurai Ninja Gaiden figures rate to be Japanese designs. What we are saying here is Japanese letters. For example; Janet Jackson has a few Japanese tattoos on her wrist and belly. The one in her stomach indicates "discipline" while the one on her wrist states "respect and equality." While Janet Jackson is a gay rights activist, she knows what she was revealing when the woman had imprinted what she's fighting for on her skin.

Japanese lettering is perfect for capturing the values you consider in getting alive in your skin. Through various custom tattoo sites, you may have tattoo designers modify the characteristics to soften them for women and make them bolder for men.

Tribal - The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word tribal is the tribal dance. You can see and hear the loud thumping noise along with broad and robust movements of the dancers draped with tropical leaves and branches while stepping around a campfire.

Tribal tattoos have beautiful edges, making them ideal for the neck and lower back. By designing a tribal tattoo contest through any custom tattoo design website, you can receive thousands of tattoo interpretations based on your tattoo idea and personal favorites.

Celtic - Celtic tattoos are of European origin. These tattoos are usually composed of lots of swirls and curves. Famous Celtic tattoo designs include armbands and Celtic crosses.

Hawaiian - Hawaiian tattoo designs are Polynesian in origin. Such tattoo art is composed of cumbersome and intricate knotwork. Only a few tattoo designers can execute Hawaiian designs flawlessly.Custom tattoo sites have hundreds of tattoo designers who can handle any Hawaiian knotwork design. Hawaiian tattoo art for the female is various flower designs. Since Hawaii is the primary source of almost all tropical flowers exported from the US, it is just fitting that Hawaiian women love imprinting flowers on their skins.

Butterfly - This unusually bright creature has a global appeal to it. Many males would like to get a butterfly's image tattooed on their skins. Despite its charm, butterfly tattoos have been so prevalent that such design doesn't attract that much attention anymore.

Custom Tattoo Design Trends Summary

If you desire one of these designs for yourself, you will need to know what you want.  You can go online and request a particular plan for yourself. Make sure you provide the designers with unique ideas that can be incorporated into the design to make it more personalized and unique. For example; a symbol or a number that holds a specific place in your life. In just a few weeks, you will see hundreds of butterfly tattoo depictions. You will undoubtedly find one butterfly custom tattoo design that will stand out from the rest.