Full Neck Tattoo the Experience

Full Neck Tattoo

Full Neck Tattoo

My Full NECK TATTOO Experience I am freezing it's so cold in here it's okay so what's that theater I know I'm living in Los Angeles but it's there's no heat its chamber, not something they provide that's a luxury along with the toilet paper every other amenity you'd think you'd have when you move into a place ranchers are always a bit too long so when you like get right into a morning like pound oh we're talking about my neck piece today and a lot of people that will come here will not be my adherents they don't care about my life or my living situation so we're just gonna like start this I requested on Twitter for you guys to ask me questions about my cervix tattoo this cervix article is actually my most recent tattoo and it's my favourite in so far which I'm always like that about my recently completed one.

I'm gonna go with my Twitter Cory boy caster which is my ex's friend we're still good friends so good friends with all fan devotees great still trying to figure out why your tongue is dark-green this is not related to my tattoo at all but that is Corvo chlorophyll was why my time is light-green I should do that right now camera is again for the remainder of this video I'm gonna have a green Tom's because marketings core fill is what stimulates flowers light-green science biology whatever you're welcome are you memorizing right now are you discovering I hope I'm teaching you something it's also good for ox oxygen circulation material like that so I merely want to try it out he decided to set it in sea riders for the straightener mouth that's why I turned my hungry it's really grass Oh God ooh am I done what no no no no no Eliza I know it to be light-green dang it this stimulates me a whole lot less attractive dang it why did I do that huh yes don't mind my um my dark-green mouth right now okay let's just ignore that let's move on it was not relevant sorry how long did it take it oh well first question is how long did it take it took around I established it a video of me actually getting it and I'll relate it below so you can see the process of it it took two sessions and each such each each discussion was like four five hours or something he had a draught on which took likely the most period he drew all this on pretty much free handed it's all original there's really no it's really difficult to do like a structure on the neck like this so yeah he bought drew on I want to say like eight to ten hours in total but I can't remember precisely because I was I was try not to keep track of day what attained you get that tattoo and why your neck how should be used expense I've been debating get a cervix tattoo for a long time like I've always loved a Full Neck Tattoo "the worlds largest" out of likely any site on the body I don't know they're just so cool and like this is a Polynesian mode and I thought that looks really cool too because it's kind of like it's not tribal I don't like when people call a tribal if you were to like go into a video game like video game attribute material I don't know that's what I was going for but and it could cost it expense a $1000 and I know I was to be like back this was like a year ago or little less than a year ago but like this is before whenever I had like a different position and had a different financial situations hope I could not afford a thousand dollar tattoo right now okay like them not spending my fund on tattoos so cool off but yeah it was a thousand dollars you know maybe it's a little less here's nine hundred and I don't know debit card how it she was it while mending oh my gosh and I wouldn't speak these identifies actually songwriter youtube songwriter youtuber was how long did it take at mambi was what attained you get that tattoo vitality rate fine back together if she was it and yes and "shes been" asked what was the worst part of the tattoo I get so itchy whatever I'm mending from tattoos like so it that's the worst part of any type assure with how good she it gets you can't made it bad it's like oh no no no it's all part of the process to get over it you forget about it and another tattoo and then you recollect how nasty it was and the most difficult part of the tattoo it was probably a make sure that she knows but also just like getting it because since it was two sessions I awaited like a week and a half to two weeks in between so that like I was healing for like weeks because I had gotten a gun half of it done and then right whenever I was kind of mended got the other proportion done so it took genuinely let's just felt like extinct and the worst proportion was whenever he was tattooing right up here apparently there's nerves up here and it was oh my gosh like I blocked that remembrance out and II the demon ass is also covering the back of your cervix no "its not" I would like to get wise finished maybe "re going to the" back way neck eventually but maybe not I don't know various kinds of just stops just goes up like this[ Music] that's the fullest extent of it I don't know if I would have been been able to handle it if "its like" that so if it was all the lane around I don't know if I would've been able to handle it do they necessitate anything Gianna Marie questioned oh no this one right here was already here this does mean something and I clarified it my last-place of my Full Neck Tattoo video but the remainder it doesn't mean anything it's the core most my tattoos are medal were there any other designs you craved before you decide on yours yeah uh yeahs but with this type of tattoo like I didn't I didn't like design it myself or anything like that so it's not like I could expend like I know we kind of have come together on it simply afforded each other ideas but in tattoo artists and I and I just came up with this that's that's the design we we did on a magnitude of 1 to 10 how much did it hurt ajs hmm ascertain like like like I said before I kind of walk out painful recollections of my Full Neck Tattoo through it's hard to remember precisely but probably around an 8 7 or 8 I don't wanna be like a babe but it was painful all the nerves and stuff and then I was like the path is laying was super uncomfortable and like

I said you can associate me actually get the Full Neck Tattoo I feel so like it's just stupid with this green mouth but it was pretty painful it was very painful my most pain tattoo I believe yeah definitely likely my most painful and he also requested do you will you ever regret it no I genuinely won't your flesh cankers in the end anyways I entail it's all gonna rot away it just it's part of me so formerly I get a tattoo that's on me it's like I don't ever regret them because that's just part of me now it's like it's like a feature of Victoria so I'm not gonna repent it now that we answered some questions I'm just going to give you a little a gaze proper like so that's that it's my neck tattoo[ Music] Thank You ex kindness for asking me questions and allowing me to collects them for you I hope this enlightened you on my Full Neck Tattoo I'm gonna go find a blanket and cuddle hardcore hi heart okay I love you My Full NECK TATTOO Experience

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