Strength Tattoos-The Dress Up Mom Gets Inked

Strength Tattoos

Strength Tattoos

Strength Tattoos five years ago, my macrocosm was transformed wholly upside down when my husband was diagnosed with throat cancer. He was so brave and treated it courageously with extraordinary persuasiveness. I got me firstly two tattoos shortly after he was finished with his therapies. He is now cancer free for five years which is great, and I am going to get my third and final tattoo today to memorialize that. I'm going to take you on Strength tattoo expedition and go and get Strength tattoos and cinema and demo you how that all proceeds. But first, thank you so much for watching, if you like what you see, please give us a thumbs up. Please subscribe, we're trying to grow the channel. We're on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Changing up, I never anticipated I would have had one tattoo, tell along be going to get my third one. I started practicing yoga about 15 years ago and was exposed to some breathtaking tattoos and some phenomenal parties. As I started hearing about the tattoo legends and the persuasiveness and memorialization of particular occasions or feeling that they represented, I get intrigued.

Then my son, Dane, formed me a depicting for Mother's Day about ten years that I loved and put in the back of recollection, envisaging that it would make a real tattoo. Well, that shown itself to be Strength first tattoo. I'm Serbian, and there is a Serbian proverb that I adore, it articulates," Be humble for you are made of Earth. Be princely for you are made of stellar ." Strength Tattoos the second one is another part of that proverb. I wanted to get the part one of the proverbs and was waiting for my husbands five-year anniversary to do that. I too really like the digit three. To me, it's a spiritual number and it also represents poise and layout. So, I too knew I wanted three tattoos. The component of balance is important to me in where I'm residence them. I have one down on my left ankle, one in the middle-of-the-road on my right wrist and then I'm having this last-place one done in the back here, in the middle-of-the-road of my torso, but at the top of the body. So, everything there is going together for me.

I have been working with Strength tattoo creator, Dave, who you'll fill on the suck and the notion and I are really excited to ascertain what he's come up with. Here "were about." Big Fish Tattoo. It's all happening soon. Before I picked Dave, I led and looked at different tattoo targets and a lot of them, candidly, were a little scary. They were kind of nighttime and the vibe in there, and the energy didn't feel right to me. As soon as I came in and "re saying it" room and met Dave, I knew this was the place for me. He's very calming, artistic and, we'll establish you inside, the practice that the area is embellished. The whole concern is light and airy with nice artwork, so I seemed much comfier right away. So, as I knew, Dave came up with a nice suck that's going to go on the back of my back. There. Here "it's by." So, it's a joke; it's a little flick like childbirth where you forget the main part of it because you have a reward afterward.

Then, all of a sudden, when it starts up again, Strength Tattoos I think you recollect the pain part of it. Also, I wanted to say, in doing this in threes, it's neat to me more because Dane moved with me on the first one, Tianna was here on the second largest one, and now I have Doug here on my third and final one. I like the whole a better balance between this three place. Doug: So, what's going to happen in there? Rajka Hayden: Well, the process, because I recollect from the last-place meter, I observed it concerning. He did the suck, which we established you and I adore, and I think it gets to put one over this first newspaper, which we'll establish you. And, then it's able to, from the working paper, gets put onto your torso. So the ink or whatever they use gets set on your body, and then you can see where it's going to be and what it's going to look like, and that's what he extends an outline to start with the needle.

I'm kind of reluctant, I forgot what this was like, and there's a lot of waiting. Okay, so here we're refining the suck, right? And, Dave's doing his magical. So, we're going to add some shading. Dave: Perhaps. Rajka Hayden: Perhaps.[ Dave depicting tattoo] Rajka Hayden: This is going to be special. Dave: I'm going to make it right there. Rajka Hayden: Okay. This is Dave. Our incredible Dave. The owner of Big Fish Tattoo. Dave: Hello, hello. Rajka Hayden: Now we're putting the depicting on. It's on there; I like how it's going to look. Now, for this part.[ Tattoo being done] Rajka Hayden: Seem the breathing. Dave: It's working. Rajka Hayden: I'm waiting for the endorphins to kick in. So far it's just been this one constituent for me. A plenty of it hurts, but this one part on my cervix is merciless. Oh, God. That one section is killer. Gaze at what I've done to this thing.

Look at this. What do you think, Doug? Strength tattoos Doug: It appears safe. Rajka Hayden: You like it? You're going to be seeing this probably as much as me.[ Rajka dancing around] Rajka Hayden: We're taking a divulge. Doug: So where are you? Rajka Hayden: We're almost done. We're now just going to do a few colors. I like it. I think it's pretty. Doug: I don't know why I'm experiencing this so often. I'm just kidding about Strength tattoos. You're going to like it Rajka. Rajka Hayden: Thank God. Shadowing is a bitch. But worth noting. Now I'm done. Oh wow. Oh my gosh, I adore it. Wow. Okay, so it's all done, and I do love Strength tattoo, and Dave is just the best. So, if you're in the San Diego area, stop by Big Fish Tattoo in Salina Beach on the 101, say hi to Dave. Tell him The Dress Up Mom sent you.

I do think that tattoos were members of your mode and can be something that is entitling and it's something you wear all the time. So, think about it, if it's something that you might be open to. Until next time, thank you so much for watching and dress it up a little.

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