Frog Tattoos Meaning An Unusual Tattoo Design

Frog Tattoos Meaning

Frog Tattoos Meaning

Frog Tattoos Meaning, Frog tattoos may appear to be an unusual selection for a design, but there is apparently some stuff about frogs that may amaze you. When you think about their fame in our culture today plus the purposes of frogs in many diverse cultures, you will understand why frog tattoos may not be so strange after all.

Frog Tattoos Meaning Around the World

Frogs are amphibians that have long back legs, a compact body, webbed fingers and toes, bulging eyes and lacks a tail. There are more than 5,000 distinct species of frogs, and they appear in all shades including many colors of green, brown, bright orange, blue, red, yellow and even spotted to name a few. For some religions, frogs are regarded as sacred and for others good fortune. Listed below is how some religious groups characterize them

  • North American Coastal Tribes - Prosperity and wealth
  • Native American Tribes - The Great Rainmaker
  • China - Prosperity in trade and healing
  • Japan - Energy, and determination
  • Ancient Egypt - Symbol and living and the guide on the journey to the immortality, vitality, and fertility
  • Borneo - Maker of Men
  • The Haida - Harmony, and balance
  • Western Civilization- Good fortune
  • Greeks and Romans - Potency and harmony
  • Scotland - Good luck

Frog Tattoos Meaning Pop Culture

Frogs also are famous in legends, fairy tales, literature, films, television, music, comic books and video games just to name a few. Do you these famous amphibians?

  • The Frog Prince - Fairytale
  • Kermit The Frog - Sesame Street & The Muppet Show
  • Punk Frogs - Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Dig 'em - Honey Smacks
  • Michigan J Frog - Looney Tunes
  • Bufo and Bunda - The Kine Saga
  • Carden - Adventures of Victor and Max
  • The Hypnotoad - Futurama
  • Baron Dante - Croc 2  & Croc, the Legend of Gobbo, just to name a few.

Frog Tattoos Meaning Popularity

Frog tattoo designs are habitually tattooed separately or in conjunction with other innate fads like flowers, mushroom, tree, leaves, and other natural insects or reptiles like a dragonfly, butterfly & turtle, etc., in the sleeve form. They are habitually tattooed separately in small magnitude on wrists, ankle, and necks. When they in conjunction with other innate fads in large quantities, then habitually tattooed on leg, shoulder, and chests.

Frog Tattoos Meaning Views

As you can recognize, frogs are universal, and as many people view them as giving you warts and slimy to the touch.  Most people find them enjoyable, unusual and a charming little creature.  And that’s only the number that we’ve discovered so far. There is no doubt hundreds of undiscovered species out there in the forests, creeks, and jungles just waiting.

Frog Tattoos Meaning Summary

If you are thinking about a frog tattoo, you will have a wide variety of design options to choose. You can have fun decorating your frog tattoo, and it will be something that you will love for a lifetime.