Egyptian Tattoos Symbols-Amazing Tattoo Designs

Egyptian Tattoos Symbols

Egyptian Tattoos Symbols - Amazing

Egyptian Tattoos Symbols, If you want to have some fantastic body art, then Egyptian tattoos would be a great way to go. Did you know that the Egyptians are responsible for introducing symbols as a form of body art to South East Asia by 2000BC and there were many reasons to have a tattoo such as; religious purposes, medical, replacement of an amulet and a sign of status.  Some conventional forms that are present in Egyptian designs so it is easier to understand what would suit you best.

Egyptian Tattoos Symbols Popular Designs

There are several distinct symbols from early Egypt, and they have very many meanings. There are some basic examples that you see on tattoos, and they are:

  • The "Eye of Horus," which is the simplest to recognize. This symbol represented healing and protection but was also used as a measurement instrument because it has six different pieces.
  • The Ankh is another very traditional Egyptian tattoo and symbol that can found on the ribs, arms, wrists, and feet. It is the representation of eternal life, and there are many arguments for other meanings as well.
  • The Winged Sun Disk can be seen on the shoulders very frequently. These ideas represent the shape Horus takes when he goes to battle.

Egyptian Tattoos Symbols God Tattoos

Again there where many gods worshiped by the ancient Egyptians, but only a few that are common tattoos. Here is a  list them for you here:

  • Anubis is the most famous god tattoo found, and he holds an ankh. Anubis was the one who would weigh your heart to decide whether you were entitled to enter the netherworld.
  • The next favorite would be Horus who is a human with a hawks head. Horus was the king of Egypt, and it was his spiritual eye that has become the most known symbol the Egyptian eye or the "Eye of Horus."
  • Seth is the last god that is common as a tattoo. He symbolizes the desert, wind, and violence. His quality was that of aggressiveness toward his foes but loyalty to the sun god Ra.

Egyptian Tattoos Symbols Hieroglyphics Tattoos

These are the standard Egyptian tattoos worn now, and they do look impressive. The Egyptians had pictorial and alphabet pictographs that would be written in columns and rows. The hieroglyphics can be a mixture of symbols and pictures but be sure to find a reliable person to translate English to Hieroglyphs. These tattoos are frequently for the ankles, wrists, spine, and arms but you can put the symbol wherever you desire.